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  1. RadarX Community Relations

    All servers will come down at 12:00 AM PT March 1st, 2013 for maintenance to support the PlanetSide 2 server merges. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 90 minutes. Players on impacted servers will find their characters intact on the following servers:

    Genudine to Helios
    SolTech to Mattherson
    Jaegar to Waterson
    Lithicorp to Cobalt
    Mallory to Ceres
    • Up x 75
  2. Virrago

    Players may note the following changes:
      • New pump action shotguns are available in the depot. These boast increased stopping power in exchange for a reduced rate of fire.
        • New Conglomerate: GD-66 Claw
        • Vanu Sovereignty: Phobos VX86
        • Terran Republic: TRS-12 Uppercut
      • Reduced impact flinch and evened out flinch amount based on damage
      • Reduced screen shake from explosions
      • Client stability improvements
      • Server optimizations
      • Fixed an issue causing NC shotgun slug ammo to do too much damage at range. Should now be in line with the other empires.
      • Fix for NC MAX slug ammo having a longer range than intended
      • Server merges
    • Up x 63

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