Maintenance Notice: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Alizona

    The opposite of never-ending maintenance and updates is...

    ??? (think about it)

    ...a game which has likely been forgotten about and is soon to be on the way out the door (permanently, with servers shut down forever).

    Capiche? Nobody likes having to wait for updates... but everybody would dislike the alternative a lot more.
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  2. Magicool

    wow seems this was a really smooth maintenance, servers are up way before prime time good work SOE :)
  3. Bindlestiff

    Your signature reminds me of me when I try to use Charge on my Max.
  4. TNSxMichael

    But what about the client crashes without error , Its like you people dont even visit the General Technical Support there are so many people that just cant play after the infl update
  5. SprintingGhost

    It's been 3 hours, normally people are complaining there aren't any updates, but i'm just interested where the update is =3
  6. PastalavistaBB

    There was no update today, it was a Maintenance. The weekly update will probably take place in 2 Days.
  7. Reavenant

    What the hell is happening with the woodman sever? I get stuck not being able to do any action, everything flies around and ****'s running loose!
  8. SprintingGhost

    So that's when they'll add all the remaining infiltrator items?
  9. wankelgnome

    It's like 60 degrees fahrenheit outside, that's not cold.
  10. lovchiy

    after maintenance my 500 SC disappeared, plz return my money
  11. Mormomboy

    Lol, did you watch the video? It is way better, Follow the link below.
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  12. BigBooty

    I will! It's a beautiful sunny warm day <3
  13. Bindlestiff

    Yep and sent to everyone in work. Some people just can't stop watching it - great stuff :)
  14. DeadAlive99

    That's a new feature, and it auto-certs for 500 SC. However, if you want 1000 SC to vanish, it'll cost 200 cp. Choose wisely... ;)
  15. Mormomboy

    That is the thing, you can watch it over and over. I love that stupid dog, especially because I have a yellow lab that reminds me of that one.
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  16. TheOldFart

    The more I watched the more I laughed.
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  17. DeadliestMoon

    Quick question, whats the deal with your sig?
  18. PastalavistaBB

    Is it too long? It just quotes some of the "very intelligent" Ramblings of some AV Mana Turret users that are afraid that their God Mode Toy will finally be balanced.
  19. DeadliestMoon

    Oh I see. Although the first quote almost makes sense, but it may have just been a bad analogy on his part.
  20. Killerro76

    Since Maintenance : i have - 1000 SC on my account and i must pay for put to zéro my SC ... And i don't have my subscription(3 month ....) ,i can have a sentence pls ?!