Maintenance Notice: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. VikingVR

    They do, but I will caution you, this button is total nuclear self assured mutual destruction. Do not, I repeat, do not press the red button.
  2. chrisarn94

    Move up here and say that again. Really.
  3. chrisarn94

    What about this one? *click*
  4. Babbylon

    All the bolt action rifle reload animations are broken on the VS.
  5. Irondove

    LOL complaining about maintenance?!? Has the human brain forgotten how to wait patiently? bzzzz...oh sorry a text msg just popped up...someones commenting about my many comments about my comment and not enough time to re-comment...where was i?
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  6. SprintingGhost

    On the test server,
    when you want to snipe with a bolt action rifle,
    you can choose to buy the "straight-pull bolt" as an rail attachment.
    (some sort of reload thingy that lets you reload your bolt-action rifle while scoped)
    When will this be added into the real game?
    I've even bought a sniper rifle for it because I thought it was added last update... (Lol :rolleyes:)
    Please SOE, add this attachment fast :D

    Me ;)
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  7. halfchaos

    Pro Tip: Whoever is doing your maintenence is making things worse because they're doing it wrong.

    Actually, everyone at Sony seems to be doing everything wrong.
    You guys probably don't even make coffee right.
  8. chriss2534

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Magicool

    So it's gonna be at least 8 hrs guys :)
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  10. Senajit

    Taking the blue pill? Me too!
  11. Plunutsud pls

    Might as well fix some of the bugs added to the game with the latest update, like broken bolt action sniper rifle animations and partial Stalker cloak visibility (head + weapon visible even when not moving).

    4 hours is plenty of downtime which will probably be extended, as usual.
  12. Magicool

    good thing is it's 3hrs earlier than usual, 12am CET not 3pm CET
    so hopefully servers are up again before EU prime time :)
  13. Mormomboy

    Outside is that place they sell SC cards... I think... I don't actually have any sources on that.
    It could just be a myth.
  14. Mormomboy

    All factions are experiencing this problem.
  15. DeadlyPeanutt

    well, can't log on and the game doesn't recognize my name... sigh...
  16. StoneDwarf

    The same problem. Can not log in to my account with the launcher =(
  17. Snake00223nc

    Do I suspect a hint at double xp??? ;)
  18. PastalavistaBB

    I couldn't log in to the Launcher nor Forum and started to freak out that I got banned out of nowhere like a ton of people stated in the Technical Support SubForum.
  19. pavelman

    because of your dificult called activities in the game - we get kopechnye rewards for participation in battles at once. Will I Bolle brake and not buy one currency, I would not now would not give a penny.
    Oh yeah. More guns now pukalki. and tanks and planes, as nuts schelkayutya.
    wondering how you had to balance?
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  20. PastalavistaBB

    Google Translate fail. But this Russian guy who obviously doesn't speak English, made the effort to let SOE know that he isn't content with their behaviour concerning the game. Well done Comrade!
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