Maintenance Notice: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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  1. Ashlanne SOE Community Team Project Manager


    Important: We will perform maintenance beginning at 3:00 AM Pacific* on February 18, 2014. This maintenance is expected to last 4 hours. This will impact the following services:

    • Account management, which includes logging into our websites, submitting, updating, or viewing Support Tickets.
    • Commerce transactions, including purchases on our websites and in-game marketplaces.
    • Forums will remain open during the downtime however you may lose permissions and experience occasional disconnects.
    • Login for our games MAY be affected.
    Click here for a Time Zone Calculator.
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  2. Tayumpee

    We sure have been having a lot of downtime. COUGH ;)
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  3. SiegePerilous

  4. Lyssair

    Yay, maintenance on my birthday :p
  5. blueangleofdeath

    We sure do like updates don't we :D
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  6. chrisarn94

    So, is this the nuclear option? Bringing one thing down at a time just made problems somewhere else so we just shut down everything?
    I wonder if they have a red button for this...
  7. Atrus2g

    Login for our games MAY be affected.

    MAY? Product MAY be produced in a facility that uses peanuts. How do you folks not know lol, you're at the source! Even so, Im obsessed with this game and want to see it thrive so if prolonged maintenance is necessary then lets get to it sooner rather than later. I dont know code but I know inherent complexity when I see it and this game is chock full of both, godspeed and may Vanu smile upon you!
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  8. Pokebreaker

    Sounds like the same thing Star Wars The Old Republic is doing right now. Haven't been able to login into my account from that website for days...
  9. Forkyar24

    you'll be fine, go outside.
  10. Tayumpee

    it's cold
  11. Snidered

    thanks for the few day notice,
  12. T0x1s

    What is outside?
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  13. Cromell

    It's the place where our bodies are stored, connected to the system and harvested for energy.
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  14. ironeddie

    I saw this announcement on the eqn Facebook page. Must be an soe wide maintenance thing as opposed to just something up with ps2.

    Doesn't bother me anyway I'm away all next week. Won't be able to play ps2 until I get back. So feel free soe/devs to do as much maintenance as you like. Every day even.
  15. T0x1s

    Sounds scary. I think i will stay inside
  16. Morgothic


    Well, I trust you guys know what you're doing. Eventough it doesnt seem like it most of the time ;)
  17. Skageh

    It better include some faction sniper rifles!
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  18. Xandax

    Good time to maintain billing etc as I doubt people are actually using money on the game in this broken state with all these downtimes.

    I had however hoped this would be fixes for the issues that were introduced over the last number of extended downtimes, but well......
  19. Calardir

    Is Miller down?
  20. JackD

    logins for our games are always affected so i guess its fine.