Maintenance - 4/21

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. IPoloSim

    Would you rather think abou as an ETA, roughly about half an hour or around 3 hours. Just to tell if going to bed would be the better idea at this point :)
  2. MossesVS

    just reading all your posts gave me cancer. you're an annoying little feygit and can't be older than 13.
  3. Lewbio

    what about infil darts? and that bleepy thing they place on the floor? doesn't that show up enemy infils?
  4. Mianera

    The point still stands as it qualifies under their jobdescription. What may or may not be the hardest job in the world is a matter of opinion, but services are provide by people with expertise in the area. Or at least it is like that 90% of the time.

    PS2 is in the 10% category here.

    League of Legends during Season 1 and midways into season 2 was a complete dissaster. But what RIOT Gaming did different from SOE was:

    - Constantly kept the fanbase and community informed
    - Apologized several times
    - Gave refunds for those that had IP/XP Boosts running
    - Gave free RP (Riot Points) as an apology
    - Gave free IP as an apology

    Fastly, LoL is a 100% F2P game where PS2 is Pay to Win. The standard issue weapons, although somewhat viable have much better versions available which feature more attachments and better roles with the exception of the of the standard issue VS HA LMG which is still considered one of the best HA weapons in the game to date.
    But you either needs to invest months in the game to unlock weapons for your classes/vehicles or you can get them right away with SC. LoL doesn't work in that way, real money can only be used for cosmetics and champoin purchases. But at least every champion is viable regardless. You cannot say the same about the guns in this game.

    And yes, there are hundreds of bad software products but there are THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS good, functional, working ones out there as well.

    So again, your arguments are as empty as your skull.
  5. Flarpy221

    F2P more like pay to win. U never see say runescape crashing 24/7....... SOE fanboys are just ******** their company cant handle such a simple game. Classes that are only allow semi customization. F2P means nothing when they are charging an insane $100+ a year for membership...... yea i dont know many games that charge that for membership and offer little answers when the game goes down. Playstation network gets hacked and ppls creditcard info stolen never see that outta companies who care about their consumers....... flame on u little ******** nerd flame on
  6. Michiel van Huijstee

    if it has to do with ssl, i'm 99% sure that it has to do with heartbleed.
  7. AdmiralArcher

    is the continent switch crash being fixed yet? or do i have to restart my game after i redeploy to another continent?
  8. Bowrock

    its not script anything, its good graphics cards vs **** ones, don't hate the game just because your epeen isn't as pronounced as others.
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  9. PastalavistaBB

    I wish they had to do this maintenance yesterday. At least they would've had a real excuse... :rolleyes:
  10. t31os

    Appreciate the update, waiting patiently for the green light!.. :)
  11. lyravega

    And what is broken now?
  12. H4YW1R3

    No, I was not spotted on radar. I know about radar. I wouldn't have brought it up if there had been radar of any type around. As I said, whole groups can be looking for me and a new guy shows up and as soon as he enters the room, rounds a corner, etc, without looking twice, he knows exactly where I am when the other do not.

    The times I spoke of, there were no darts, not motion detectors, no scout radars.
  13. Shartocles

    Haters complain about the devs but ignore the fact that those same devs created a great game that said haters love playing. Keep up the good work guys, and thanks for the update.
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  14. Bowrock

    while you were busy complaining the servers went up
  15. maxkeiser

    How do you know there is no radar flash around? The range is quite large.
  16. Bowrock

  17. SirPepsi

    Hey SOE. I came home from Easter Hollidays and thoght about playing Planetside. Now, I am forced to eat toast. Thank you! And get those servers back online as fast as you can.
  18. Bowrock

    i know ive already been forced to watch 2 episodes of mad men.
  19. LiezenKap

    same here
  20. chris666uk1

    i been forced to talk to girlfriend ffs
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