[Suggestion] Main Battle Tank weapon choices are boring. Lets have more exciting options! (pics inside)

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  1. EliteEskimo

    This would get eaten alive by Lancers and Raven Maxes, or getbswarmed by C4 LA's
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  2. Pikachu

    It would have the fire power to kill those things. >:3 One shell would be like 2 shells from pre-nerf dalton. Each thread section would have a secondary weapon.
  3. EliteEskimo

    If it was instaggibed a 2 squads of lancers of 6 Raven maxes from 400-600 meters away there would be no point. Or a galaxy drop of 12 LA with drifter jets and C4
  4. Rhumald

    That gun has more than enough room to angle down, you'd be sorely surprised if you tried to hug it's frame. Additionally it could probably straight up crush any small vehicle if you let it, so keeping your distance would be a general recommendation.... judging from the portholes in it's frame, it may very well be a 5 man vehicle, a terrifying thought.

    It's frame is also lifted off the ground, so much like the tank in the poster above me's signature, it would have a tremendous amount of shock absorbing power, and ability drive over pretty much anything it wants, something our current lineup of tanks,both light and heavy, are seriously lacking... except the mag rider, but it's hover ability had to be singled out as usefull, beyond it's maneuverability, somehow... as illogical as it is.
  5. iccle


    MBT deadly AA option, sacrifices main gun must have driver/gunner to operate.
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  6. Mythologicus

    I...I don't know how to respond to this transformation. It'll be like literally driving a brick ****house while thrusting your gentleman sausage out the window.
  7. Computiverse

    Personally, I'd like to see each faction be given a few different tanks (Tank destroyer, infantry support, heavy, light, artillery, etc.), and then have each of those be given several different gun options. Of course, that might be wishful thinking, so failing that, giving each MBT a gun to fill each of those specific roles would be cool as well.
    Also, having tanks use legitimate ammo types would be cool.
  8. Bukoski


    Here is the base image I made for the turretless version^^ Just photoshop a weapon onto it and add the old photo effect.

  9. MahouFairy

    Fire those en masse while blasting the Soviet song of the same name xD
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  10. VulphluxTR

    I'd redesign the turret itself as its a tad large, vulcans would massacre that thing
  11. Pfundi

    Looks like the Elefant Self propelled gun from WWII. That tank was a complete fail for germany. Outclassed by Panther and Royal Tiger in any way. And those two werent flawless as well.
  12. Demigan

    That's a bit of balance right? If MBT's, Lightnings and Sunderers get crushed by their ultimate nemesis, I would expect that it needs a lot of backup against bombardments and infantry assaults.
  13. Pelojian

    so basically a two man clone of the skyguard and likely equally as powerless.

    i've got a better idea main gun variants one for medium range AA and close range AA, gunner seat controls boxy lock on launcher. 4 tubes per launcher for art reasons. possible variants 1 missile per clip and 2 missile per clip (same total damage per clip on both variants)

    tree collision for all rockets tweaked and only collides with main trunk, optic for main and secondary that makes non-collision flora and tree parts 50-75% transparent.

    Engagement Radar for it, scout radar given to skyguard for inter dependency for varied MBT-AA defence slot.

    Skyguard gets composite armor which reduces damage form all sides (reduced rear armor weakness penalty)

    thoughts on this?

    this way skyguard get scout functions for spotting aircraft and can assist Stealth/Auto Repair etc defence slot MBT-AAs for teamwork.
    MBT-AA is the heavy hitter for close range air defence and moderate at medium range.

    the presence of strong close range AA will make it lethal for solo craft and give air more interesting combat against ground forces. if the enemy brings heavy close range AA bring lots of aircraft or AP tanks and vice versa.
  14. Raap

    That almost made me spill my coffee, it looks hilarious.

    But nonetheless it needs at least two more guns per side for that nice dakka rotating effect.

    Would be too cool to have therefore make TR overpopulated. Must stick to generic weapons.
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  15. EliteEskimo

    No, what is the point of a heavy tank if it gets instagibbed by a non rendering AV nest or 2 C4 LA bailing from a Valkary several hundred meters up. It would need heavy C4 resistance and infantry AV resistance to make it worth while.

    Who cares if it can run over tanks, you have a death wish to ram another tank because of vehicle debris as it is. It's not a common tactic. The counter to this should be coordinated AV fire to the rear.
  16. vincent-

  17. Demigan

    Oh nonono. You are attributing bad numbers to it and saying that will be bad. What you should be doing is imagining that tank as it would be perfectly balanced.

    Just imagine, rather than being instagibbed by 2 C4 fairies, how many C4 would you think that big mastodont would need before it is destroyed, that you think would be fair? Considering it's size, it wouldn't be a strange idea that the creators took this into account and that they get a high resistance against C4. Let's say it takes 8 C4 to destroy that tank. C4 fairies could still deal great damage, but it's unlikely to destroy it. In fact, you should be more scared of Engineers dropping out of Valkyries as they will be the one's with enough C4 and Tank mines to actually kill that thing with just 2 or 3 guys.

    But how do you stop engineer teams keeping that thing repaired?
    Well, you can increase the health of this tank, and lower the damage resistances. It will take longer for the engineers to repair it while other tanks and infantry can still damage it.

    Now consider the amount of hurt it's going to be to defend that tank... Say it moves up Broken Arch road towards Crossroads (if it even fits through). First of all it blocks the path for all friendlies for a large portion of the trip, second of all, the moment it comes into view of Crossroads, it's turret is still a few seconds away from even being able to return fire. At this point, 2 AV turrets and any MAX, MBT, Lightning and Heavy looking that way will be able to shoot it. The tank will have lost 75% of it's health even if it sports 80.000 health and MBT resistances before it can fire its first shot in retaliation (if you calculate that, that's 20 times one MBT health). And in the meanwhile, almost no other tank or infantry can pass you by or help you.
    Then we can talk about aircraft, ESF and Liberators would be able to bomb the hell out of it without it ever having any option of retaliating (although almost every tank suffers that). It would be a piniata for almost everyone.

    I think it will be a great addition. Despite the big tankiness, it's going to be a tank that needs constant support to work, it will be great for bringing in the power to break sieges and stalemates, but solo it's going to be scrap metal soon.
  18. ColonelChingles

    So a few ATGM options that I whipped up:


    The VS finally went nuts. Bonkers. Completely insane. Seeing the entire planet of Auraxis as a gift from the Vanu, VS scientists started to try and weaponize the planet itself. Although little was left of the research team by the time the VS leadership found out why their electricity bills were so high for the last few months, they did manage to collect a bag of unknown spores and pass it on to a NS development team. Following a short incubation period in the NS lunchroom refrigerator, the idea for the "Misery" Magrider was spawned (along with lots of new policies on what employees could put into refrigerators).

    The main "weapon" of the Misery is a biological plant/fungus/thingy that has been grafted to the hull of the Magrider. A type of highly explosive flying organism lives on this plant, and when the plant is threatened these organisms take off and detonate themselves on the aggressor. Pilots are fused to the plant (or the plant is fused to the pilot, we really don't know what's going on anymore), and in turn can see through the "eyes" of the explosive organisms and guide them in-flight. Sort of a giant, biological, tank-mounted Phoenix rocket launcher.

    Due to the... ummm... spikes that spread throughout the Magrider, it is not armed with a secondary weapon. Duties are split between the crew members (as with all ATGM kits) such that the driver drives and the gunner guns. Seriously... we tried to have it with a driver/gunner combo but the Misery plant thingy strongly disagreed with us. We're kind of scared of it now actually.


    The "Poacher" Prowler goes along with the TR's rather unimaginative approach to warfare, but at least it doesn't leave us with nightmares. They simply approached the NS design team with a "give us something that will kill tanks at long range" specification and let us go bananas with it. After spending most of the budget on "team building" activities, the NS office simply grabbed some Halberd missiles, threw on a guidance system they stole from some Annihilators, and called it a day.

    Fortunately though the guidance system can be switched off and fired in a dumb-fire mode, which was a necessary step in attaching two very different weapon systems together. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

    That being said, the missiles are relatively slow and cannot be locked onto aircraft (though can still be dumbfired into them). You can thank Joe in QC for dropping the guidance system for that.


    After hearing that the TR had created an ATGM-MBT, the NC obviously wanted in on the action too. But of course they had to make it BIGGER (it was all capitalized on the instruction napkin they passed to the NS team). This meant BIGGER everything. A BIGGER warhead, BIGGER propulsion, BIGGER paint job.

    One problem though was when it was all said and done, there wasn't actually space in the missiles to put in an on-board guidance system. After consulting with our NC clients (who reasoned that if something was totally absent then it didn't mean it got SMALLER), the decision was made that these missiles would be optically-tracked and wire-guided, similar to how the NC's Ravens work.

    The NC insisted that their version be called the "Vandal", even though a scout rifle already exists by that name. They pointed out that it was unfair to them as there are very few words that begin with "V", so we went ahead with it and would just let the lawyers sort it out. On another note this led to the famous case of NS v. NS, which is the only court case in history of a single attorney arguing against herself.
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  19. MahouFairy

    I sense a Japanese H joke on the "Misery"...
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  20. ColonelChingles

    I don't even want to go there. EVER.
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