Magriders negative mouse acceleration

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by day ofm one, May 6, 2015.

  1. day ofm one

    I see the point in making instant 180° Magrider turns impossible.

    But why the seven hells is that rediculous mouse decelleration active all the time?

    It makes aiming precisely impossible.

    You move the mouse slow to be accurate, the crosshair barely moves, when you go faster, you allready overaim.

    Finding the right speed to move the mouse to land right on target is just impossible.

    Just set a top level for the possible mousespeed, but stop that permanent mousespeed decreasing madness.

    The only thing it does is making driving magriders a massive pain in the second pair of cheeks.
  2. FBVanu

    disable mouse acceleration your settings. Solved.
  3. Jawarisin

    Nope, that doesn't fix it. It's not MOUSE acceleration. It's game movement acceleration.
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  4. Jake the Dog

    If yoy want to make quick turns keybind your exit vehicle/spot buttons to something else, then keybind Q and E to turn the mag. You will see a massive turn rate increase. I use it for people like Jawarisin who look for my mag ;)
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  5. day ofm one

  6. Shiaari

    I use a Steel Series Sensei to over-ride all in-game mouse acceleration/deceleration behavior. My mouse does precisely what I want it to do.
  7. DashRendar

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  8. Shiaari

    Blood for the Blood God!
    Skulls for the Skull Throne!
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  9. Calisai

    The Mag's "turret" and the other MBT/Lightning turrets are handled a little differently for balance reasons.

    There is a built-in cap on input from the mouse. This causes issues with some players. No hardware solution will really help them. I believe a lot of the problem might be in a threshold being hit that is causing issues with their input. After the last patch (5/1) it changed a few things that gave some Mag drivers fits. I was able to adjust sensitivity levels enough to get back near what I had, but some that use lower sensitivities are still having issues. If you have settings that cause the game to throw out your input, its going to actually cause you to turn slower than if you had less sensitivity.

    An example of the manipulation of mouse input:

    I believe the sensitivity of this mechanism is what has caused some of the issues.
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  10. day ofm one

    Putting the sensitivity up tpp high makes horizontal aiming a lot easyer, but the vertical speed is just extreme then :(
  11. Calisai

    Yea, Its a balancing act. I got used to a quicker vertical aim compared to the horizontal since I've been a higher-sensitivity user since beta, but that's the part that threw me for a loop recently... the sensitivity changes made me have to adjust it to get back to vertical v horizontal speed I was used to.

    The other trade-off I have to live with is the long-range (ie, 300m+ ranges) accuracy is not as good. That's where users that use zoom religiously would be impacted more than I would. I rarely fight outside thermal's range (290m+) and when I do, its only for a short period of time before I'm maneuvering for a closer angle. I could definitely see those that religiously use zoom 2x at the farther ranges being affected more than me.

    An example of the majority of ranges I fight at: (The edges of thermal range and closer)

    WARNING: BORING VR FOOTAGE with some short live footage to showcase some simple maneuvers. (nothing extraordinary, just specifically showing my mouse/keyboard movement while playing... also boring)
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  12. Dowlphin

    Sounds a lot like the current state of ESF controls that they recently brought to live.
    First heavy turrets were crap and ESF was OK, now heavy turrets are good, but ESF (and Magrider it seems) is crap. This is really exhausting.
  13. Calisai

    It feels like any system that didn't take 1-to-1 input from the player was affected by the changes. However, since each system was slightly different, each specific system needs to be tweaked. It's probably a case of in beta, all systems were 1-to-1, then they were like... oh, we need to slow down the turn rate of the Mag... let's tweak it here. Oh, we need to make ESFs turn faster than Libs and even faster than Gals, put Y in place to modify it. Thus when they changed the underlying system, it cascaded in unpredictable ways.

    That's all speculation though. It kinda makes sense, if you think about systems being built upon a foundation, then changing that foundation... everything above it becomes less stable and needs to be tweaked.
  14. Shiaari

    You're absolutely right, there's no around that, but with increased sensitivity you can get to that cap quicker, and if your mouse supports dynamic deceleration you can fine tune it to make sensitive slow movements more responsive.
  15. Calisai

    I think the true issue is that the whole system shifted, meaning the vast majority of users who didn't do much to adjust the sensitivities and don't have dynamic DPI levels were affected majorly. Those that have been using different DPI settings from back when they didn't have all the different ingame sliders available are able to adjust a bit easier, and are also used to doing so.

    The history of speed changes, hover height changes, turn-rate changes, changes in drop and velocity, shot origination (camera vs model), etc on the Mag has probably made me less sensitive to them. I just roll with the punches nowadays.
  16. Shiaari

    Very true. PlanetSide is actually the reason I am using this mouse.
  17. Wooffgang

    Welll how should I put it. Magrider drivers took more of a hit than the other tank drivers. So to put it simply:

    You basically lost some of the potential of the magriders "reverse" manuver when they implemented last patch. I do not have much experience as a magrider driver but I felt the change the moment I tried to spin my tank behind a enemy vehicle in the VR. It feels almost as if I am using a ANALOG input not a DIGITAL one. Instead of tweaking this the more simple solution would be not to mess up the PS4 and PC coding for the new content. This game is not a low quality console port it is Planetside 2 and has a name to live up to. If the company handling it is short on people I have no idea why they picked up the project in the first place. Having 2 separate developer teams is a MUST.

    I do not want to start one of these discussions here but we are mostly getting PS4 leftovers. I know the hype is real to get the thing ready for launch and you do not provide new content for the PC,but forcing something like this on the PC players is just plain stupid.I see little reason for PC players to support the development of the game in it's current state. I do not expect tweaks and fixes. I am expecting working content or at least some dedication for this side of the game. We do not have shared servers with the PS4 players as we all know how that is going to end up. And the hit under the belt of the Magrider drivers just confirmed my speculations about PS4 coding delivering a hit on everything, not only the air game.
  18. Jake the Dog

    As I said in my post I mentioned before, if you want to turn quickly, re-keybind Q and E for faster turns. Also I've barely noticed any drawbacks using the x2 scope on my FPC, the only drawback I noticed was the mouse acceleration stuff with the turning which I overcame. After a couple hours of play without stopping, it becomes second nature and the controls feel pretty natural. The only time it feels wierd is in the other tanks due to controls effecting all accounts.
  19. Calisai

    It's not technically faster, its just at the exact cap speed, so its probably faster than most people are used to. You can hit near that limit with a nice constant motion and have much better control when slowing the turn than a keyboard button has. I have them mapped to my foot pedals personally, but have found that I don't bother with them much because I can turn about the same speed with my mouse.

    The key is to get used to making those smooth motions to turn and to not panic and swipe too fast.
  20. Liewec123

    when going for precise aiming for left and right with mag i find it far better to strafe than try to turn ;)

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