[Suggestion] Magrider needs some attention

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  1. vanu123

    On helios? When NC hit 40-50% pop daily? You must be talking about the wrong server.
  2. Ronin Oni

    PC+PPA Mag is some fun AI work though :D
  3. Ronin Oni

    I dunno, personal experience I honestly tend to do best in Magrider...

    I really don't think it needs much of anything.

    It's less of a brawling tank, sure... and that leaves the VS front line a lil more fragile, but there's this thing called "Assymetry" and we need more of it.

    It's mobility is a very hard to measure benefit, but it's significant and the primary reason I do so well with it.

    They used to have much faster strafe and hill climb at launch and they were flat out broken OP.

    The only things I could possibly agree to trying out is reducing drop... MAYBE increasing velocity... but that's literally about it.
  4. vanu123

    Magrider should have its speed buffed to match the prowler and its main gun needs a velocity buff and/or gravity reduction.
  5. Calisai

    Meh... I have almost completely given up on the PC... I've been trying to pull it more often to try and finish off my 10k with it, but those last 300 kills are a ***** for me. The OHK splash is so small that I might as well be using the FPC... and therefore I usually do. Every time I use it, I usually end up saying... why am I bothering?

    As for the new PPA? I don't know. I mean... I'll kill infantry without an issue and have fun doing so, but I rarely go out of my way to farm them with a full AI loadout. It just doesn't hold my attention as long as AV hunter does. I'm more likely to quickly wipe out the sundies and move on rather than sitting around farming infantry coming from them. Same with fighting at bases. Plinking at infantry can be fun for a little while, but I get bored of it pretty quickly. Its just my playstyle preference...
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  6. Ronin Oni

    I definitely pull FPC + Saron a hell of a lot more

    AI loadout is just for those footzergs w/o proper armor support (or there's already an abundance of AV on our side)
  7. lothbrook

    The magrider is already faster than the prowler on much of the terrain in the game, all those bumps the magrider glides over dramatically impacts the speeds of the VG and Prowler, and that of course is without using magburn, so sure the magrider might lose a drag race on a road but off road its faster than the others. Also the ability to dodge incoming shots while making accurate return shots, make a velocity buff or gravity reduction OP as hell.
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  8. Jake the Dog

    Dony judge me for not remembering jaegar its been a LONG time XD.
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  9. grazr

    It might be tied for weakest armour, but it passively outright negates most damage by being able to dodge shots completely; and when it doesn't dodge shots it's far easier to keep your front armour on a target so you can shoot and defend at the same time. This makes it incredibly powerful against infantry based AV, Mag's are the bane of infantry.
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  10. vanu123

    Actually no. The prowler has a 5-10 kph speed advantage across terrain. That would be like saying the Prowler has the most DPS or the Vanguard has 8 thousand effective health with its IWINSHIELD. You can't dodge incoming shots except at extreme ranges, which at those ranges you can merely pull behind a rock/tree and repair and rinse and repeat. I shouldn't have to aim up half way across my screen for a target that isn't that far away. They need to give it the Vanguard velocity.
  11. Ronin Oni

    You realize Prowlers kill much more infantry than Mags do yeah? You know, the tied for weakest tank without said mobility?
  12. Marsali

    Ok troll123 they have already refuted your claim with stats that are actually relevant. You realy need to go back to 4chan and brush up on your skills.

    And back to a much more entertaining subject. On waterson the vs may have been underpoped but they sure as hell learned how to use that pop. That and the tr's tendancy to just go straight for the nc and ignore the vanu are a big chunk of why the vs kept winning alerts after the server merge. Nc may be good but when both factions are knocking on your door all you can do is turtle up and hope to slow them down.
  13. Gnomemercy

    Watching Magriders ignore a bases defenses and shields and do what no other MBT can do, is very frustrating for infantry who are trying to get to a point to try and recap it through a sea of Magriders who have just vaulted the bases walls/shields like a herd of impalas.
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  14. lothbrook

    lol, good job on the reading comprehension fail, but if you truly don't believe me hop into the VR and drive over some bumpy terrain that makes up 90% of the games surface, then drive over the same terrain in your magrider, the magrider will actually move faster through it. Also if you can't dodge in your magrider you really just don't know what you're doing.
  15. grazr

    Care to take a guess at how many Mags and Prowlers are killed by infantry? IE which is killed more by infantry than the other?

    Prowlers killing swafts of infantry is an understood issue with the 2 shot mechanic that is exploited by even AV loadout users and should be addressed the same way perhaps the Vulcan was when the AV weapon out performed all AI and AA guns in their own role; and on the same note the Vangaurd kills less still than the Mag and is killed more by infantry than both. I fail to see the complaint here.

    Clearly the MBT's that actually need attention are the other two.
  16. vanu123

    Prowler reached a higher top speed, both with racer 3, the mag reached its top speed faster but the prowler has a higher top speed. Besides if the prowler is slower as you suggest, then why not give the mag the prowlers speed. You can't dodge with a mag anymore than a prowler or vanguard can peak in and out of cover.
  17. lothbrook

    Holy jesus kid, you can't be this dense, its JUST NOT POSSIBLE.
  18. vanu123

    I'm about as dense as that vanguard shield.
  19. ColonelChingles

    Your honor, Exhibit A.

    I rest my case.
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  20. vanu123

    #dealwithit :cool: