Magrider is bugged

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by darkphilli, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. darkphilli

    When I pull a magrider and I move into a new area it still says I am in the place I pulled from. This bug also makes everybody disappear. The only way to fix it is to jump out of the magrider, but when I jump out the magrider is no longer usable. It either disappears or it is impossible to enter. This is really frustrating.
  2. SSGBungee

    Mee tooo... The support tower does not support mee, and after i exit the vehicle (repair) i dont re-enter. Not only Magrider, i play Scythe and Liberator : Same bug : I landed with liberator on a Landing pad to repair, and after i exit with my teammate the Liberator is missing from my screen.
    Magrider bug :
  3. Weterman

    magrider has less armour than vanguard and prowler. if you cant aim at it, thats your problem. Nc have op guns, and i dont complain about it.
  4. Dtswiss

    its not specific to mag, just played 2 hour with my NC character had my vanguard vanish when I jump out of it, same for sunderer.

    The vehicle just vanish but the icon is still there with the timer ticking down

    This recent huge patch has some serious bug
  5. Snidered

    i had this tonight first with a prowler, wouldn't let me get back into the tank or repair it after getting out to fix a field gen, then 20min or so later i had it happen to my lib... landed to repair, got out and the plane vanished and booted out my gunner but i was still able to see the vehicle status.. which over a few min degraded and blew up.... day before i lost two vehicles due to being "out of bounds" once at camp conary in a sundy and a mossy over TI alloys.

    but, this is the first time im getting it personally although ive heard about this bug happening before recent patches
  6. Birdrock

    NC is widely regarded as having underpowered weapons - an opinion some of the devs share. Whence comes your OP argument?

    Apologies for the name of the vid its not mine.
  8. XRIST0

    hahaha good one , needs to be fixed though .

    I really hope SOE read through these forums and write down all these glitches and bugs going on .
  9. SmokingKills

    Brain dead...not even going to begin on this. Note to self* don't read forums
  10. Wibin

    It's already nerfed, Tried that today. doesn't work.