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  1. Quiiliitiila

    Kinda, but if everyone's velocity is nerfed INCLUDING the Magrider's, then Magrider pilots will have to get closer too, thus mitigating whatever small advantage strafing gave them.

    True. Can't argue with that :p

    I guess it depends on whether or not the Magrider is getting the velocity nerf too, if it's not, I can see strafing becoming a TAD bit more useful than it is now. If it is, well… Then we'll just be in the same boat we are now only all the other tanks have our stuff too.
  2. Aelyn

    Will the shell velocity be reduced for anchored Prowlers too, or will they stay the same?
  3. Nody

    Currently money would be on reduced as lock down is a percentage of the base speed based on description.
  4. lNeBl

    Velocity is reduced but tanks are to be fighting closer together so it makes no difference. And even if it did, its nothing compared to the HUGE buff to the other 2 tanks. All of a sudden they can easily fire on the move. The only thing keeping the mag in this game was the fact that the other tanks at-least had to stop to fire accurately. Not to mention, with the reverse buff, you can just turn your vanguard/prowler sideways and technically strafe at double the speed of the magrider. Effectively making them much better at range anyways.

    The flank is a powerful thing and helps us possibly beat the other faction tanks, in the CURRENT game. But give the other tanks the biggest buff they have had since the dawn of the game, and that will change.

    Prowler and vanguard have greater speed, greater armor, greater damage, greater bullet velocity, and better ES abilities.

    To compete the mag has had to try its best to utilize the stabilized turret, and firing on the move. Now the prowler and vanguard get the mag's major advantages as well. Until they release more information acknowledging the need to buff the magrider... RIP.

    All in all, the mag is going to need a substantial buff to keep it competitive. It's really not debatable.
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  5. SierraAR

    You know.. Until the changes are made and everyone has a chance to see how it affects gameplay for a week or two, we can't really know what will happen. So lets just stop the constant whining that comes with every patch announcement, sit tight, wait, and see what happens.
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  6. Shockwave44

    Uh, there was no mention of increased strafe speed in the patch notes.
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  7. cruczi

    Right you are, I remembered it wrong.

    But patch notes? There are no patch notes just yet, they're just plans.
  8. eatcow0

    However the halberd is now better than the saron after the reworking and nerfs in spite of the fact the main cannon still suffers from low velocity and issues with aiming up.
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  9. Alarox

    I made a PSA in the vehicle forum for this very reason...

    We know what the new velocities will be, and we know what the new gravity values will be like. We know exactly what SOE's proposal means.
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  10. Tuco

  11. palto1826

    just let them do what they are going to do...if the mag is underpowered it will be the meantime it will be time to separate the men from the boys
  12. K2k4

    Impending buffs incoming for tanks and even before it gets implemented in test there are people complaining.