Mag-scatter? Again shotgun?!?!? Stop it, STOP!

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  1. TheKhopesh

    No, it's pretty much all we use for our maxes (unless we expect to have to fight other maxes).
    Sadly, it's pathetic.

    Next time you go to use a Carbine or AR, instead grab a shotgun and hipfire the slugs at targets you should be ADSing.
    You'll hit maybe one slug before being swisscheesed.

    Now you know what it's like to try to use max shotguns with slugs.
    You cannot ADS, and they're about as predictable as a pachinko machine.

    It changes the range ability from 10m or less to 15m or less.

    Meanwhile, TR and VS get guns that can fire at +40m and still consistently kill.

    Bursters are better AI weapons at +20m than the slugs are.
    If slugs were as accurate as the TR/VS AI weapons, we'd at least have a decent time against regular infantry.

    Due to the damage drop off, we'd have to land 3-4 round each (two perfect hits from each gun), and we'd be entirely useless against maxes.
    But at least our AI weapons would be viable.
    We'd also still have to arc the things about 1/3rd as much as TR have to arc pounders, making our ranged use a firm weakspot for us.

    And how, pray tell, are we supposed to use slug ammo on our non-max specialty shotgun options?

    As I recall, we haven't got the option on the:
    -Airhammer (Why would you even want to though?)
    -Canister ( The thing would only be more pathetic).
    -Jackhammer (Even if we did get the option, it'd probably be junk).

    Really now, slugs are a very very niche'd option, and not at all competitive for general use.
    If we could swap ammo at will, that'd be another story (And I've even devised a way for that to be realistic. Ever heard of "cut shells"? A mechanism in the barrel that cuts the shells the instant the trigger is pulled -toggled on/off with the firemode button- would be perfect).

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  2. TheKhopesh

    I entirely agree.

    A tank's topgun shotgun is just foolish (And as we can see, a useless option!).
    A shotgun for a pistol is a wonderful idea though, and I would love to see the MagScatter cary over from PS1.

    It's really one of the few shotguns that actually makes sense for NC.

    It's essentially an extreme CQC version of the NS-44 Commissioner.

    I've even done the math on how to make that comparison more viable.
    At 540 dmg (108 per pellet) a shot, 5 shots per reload, it would excel in close range, and be well in line with the NS-44.

    NS-44 is at 450x6 for a total of 2,700 damage per reload.

    The MS at 540x5 has a total of 2,700 damage per reload.
    Keep the fire rate, inability to silence, and -relatively- large damage drop at range.
    (Though range use isn't exactly viable for a shotgun, but that would only strengthen it's defined roll.)

    But heck, the Commissioner is a superbly versatile weapon, with no OHK headshot;
    So even 5 shots, 525 dmg (105 per pellet) a shot, 5 shots per reload, would be fine.

    The one thing that it does have to keep though is the OHK headshot ability.
    It's the only shotgun in the sidearm slot, and it's also the only sidearm that becomes entirely incapable of killing outside about 15m.

    For that unprecedented weakness, it needs an equally unheard of strength.

    the Mag-Scatter was in the original game, don't worry.....
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  4. TorigomaSET

    Our Scatter is outclassed by our everything.
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  5. KXOPH

    I think many people know about it. From this follows a fair question. Why should we play PS1? It is not that PS1 PS2, another game. And indeed we NEW KONGLAMERAT, why we should only use the weapons that the developers believe the balance sheet, we can make your own choice! And I think many here would agree that shotguns is not our choice! We want much better! So why do we get stuff from PS1, instead of a nice and new fractional weapons?
  6. Niller

    You still have access to... I don't know, like 5 different none shotgun pistols + crosbow. I want a shotgun pistol, nomatter how UP or OP it gets, it is still unique compared to the alternatives and I can't wait to mess around with it.
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  7. Torok

    OP playing NC and complaining about shotguns?

    Reroll already ffs!
    Not even to mention we knew since 10 months what our empire specific sidearm would be.
    Get real
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  8. FishMcCool

    Bring in the shottie indeed. If you're unhappy with the current NC/NS lineup of semi-auto pistols, i can't see how yet another one would inspire you.

    Make the scatter a no-aim-required close range finisher and that will at least be something different.
  9. TheKhopesh

    I agree.
    It'll be a cross between the NS-44 Commissioner and the cross bow essentially, but with an effective range limiting it to even less than that of the TR's TX1 Repeater when the repeater's firing as fast as possible.
    (Max range, probably 12m. Preferable range around 8m or closer.)

    Which is why virtually 99% of the PS2 playerbase who understand how this will effect the game (stalker infil metagame included) are all either in support, or at least unopposed to, the idea of the Scatter being able to OHK with headshots when all pellets hit the head.
  10. Ripshaft

    You... are you guys actually taking this post seriously? You don't need to be a logician or a psychoanalyst to understand that this guy's problems like outside the gameplay mechanics.


    I ... I .... I need to lie down.

    Also what's with all the stupid regarding the vs pistol... do you people not realize that the guns on the server are incomplete? That gun is not the final product... it's really, REALLY obvious! why are so many people assuming that's the end gun, without the charge-up which has been consistently the goal since it was spoken of like a freakin year ago, and zero mention of it being removed.

    Personally I'm rediculously psyched for a burst/chargeup pistol. If I was NC I'd be super psyched for the shotgun pistol, and if I was TR I'd be super psyched for the bullet dump pistol.....

    If you want a pistol like all the others, use all the others. If you don't want to use shotguns, don't use em! There's other guns!

    If you don't like any of the guns, don't use em! Run people over with a flash, ram em with a gal!

    If none of that's your thing, then find another game until the day this one has something to offer you, this isn't the only show in town. Perhaps something like call of duty is more your speed, or league of legends or dota or tf2 or something.
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  11. Jogido

    I think it's fine. NC has a good array of pistols already but Mag scatter would still bring something new to the table.
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  12. TorigomaSET

    And you trying to make the Assumption that "If Shotgun, Then OP"? Did you even TRY it? It was absolutely Horrible. During the Live Test event, I purposely Hunted down all the Mag-Scatter Infils running around while testing the AMP, because I knew they where extremely easy prey. I got 6-7 before the first one got me, and even then it was only because I was already hurt.
  13. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    So you expect that he is thinking it will be too powerful, and refute that by stating that it was too weak?
    Well, at least that was coherent thinking.
    Balancing, though, is not all of design. In fact, it might not be design at all in most larger companies.
    How strong it is is a valid assessment to make and talk about, but it's not directly connected to the design choice to make a shotgun pistol, or at least the causality only goes one way.
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  14. WalrusJones

    I wouldn't think of using it as a primary, but the large spread actually made me think "This would actually work really well as a backup to my assault rifle running out of ammo."

    In most of these cases, the enemy only has 200 health left, and the large spread makes them dodging every pellet highly unlikely.

    Sure.... I do love running into rooms using my emperor as a primary weapon, but this is honestly because most pistols make a good CQC primary when you are using a long range gun, where the mag scatter is better as a easy to use backup when your CQC primary runs dry.
  15. TorigomaSET

    If It had more Pellets, or fired Faster, this would actually be a decent use for it (one I'd actually use), but with only 5 Pellets and such a slow fire rate, Itd be quick just to reload your Primary or bring a faster firing secondary, like the Desperado, in anything other than super close range.
  16. Moz

    You mean the Underboss then? :rolleyes:
  17. Sagabyte


    The rebissioner!
  18. Kriegson

    It's a worthless backup because other guns do it better. It's basically a sub-par semi shotgun right now (or was, rather). Why would you choose a weapon that can theoretically finish someone off, when you can have sidearms that can outright kill people and just as easily finish them off as well?

    I really hope it comes back from the drawing board as a futuristic take on a dual barrel shotgun. 2 shots, 100x5, very tight CoF and spread and decent dropoff (dropping at 10m, minimum at 20) long reload.

    Whip it out and BLA-BLAM. Either kill them outright if all pellets hit and if not, severely weaken someone or potentially kill them if they are wounded OR you get headshots with a slight 1.2 modifier or so. Nano-weave/armor would make it very difficult if not impossible to one clip someone, but the massive damage and loud, distinct noise could easily put the fear of FREEDOM into people.
  19. KillSwitchWes

    I don't see how Mag-scatter seems to be a problem for some people. These new pistols are supposed to be unique and a shotgun is just that for a pistol. If you want a weapon you can use at range you already have 2 pistols that fit the bill. It seems balanced well and is a shotgun like weapon you can use on an Infiltrator (without seeming OP). The Mag-Scatter was also the ESP of the NC from PS1 so it makes since to bring it back in some form like all the rest of the ES weapons released so far.
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  20. Golconda

    **** these threads, crybabies can't accept their faction trait? change faction and stop ************ us, I don't want ps2 to grow with even less faction specific content. NC is by far the faction with a unique trait, deal with it, enjoy shotties or ****
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