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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by awesams, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. awesams

    We mac users are all scratching are head and biting our nails wondering "when will this game be availiable for us?"

    I have looked up almost everything involving ps2 and macs and hadnt got anything except vague answers. And almost everybody knows about bootcamp too but why would anyone ask this if you could just have bootcamp? because bootcamp is way too complicated and hard to install so i dont want to see any replys about bootcamp. Now if anyone has any info reguarding the mac osx download for planet side 2 lay it on this forum.

    Macs are becoming more popular now for online games so i think sony could d us a favor like arena net and atleast make us a beta...atleast blizzard and arenanet can diversify there gamers to macs
  2. Joe-H2O

    I have a 2012 iMac with the 680MX and the game plays pretty well at native res with the settings on high, but there is definite room for improvement, and that's the problem - gaming in OS X takes a performance hit right now (just compare any Source game that has steamplay to see the difference between the same game in OS X and Windows).

    This is down to the graphics drivers - they are simply less optimised under OS X right now, and you do not have access to DirectX, you have to use OpenGL. This is fine, but many games rely heavily on DirectX so porting them over is not always so simple.

    Just look at the current situation with Nvidia GPU drivers. The current ones used in 10.8.2 Mountain Lion are the 306 version, whereas on Windows we have the more current and better performing 310 version. So, for a game that is already struggling for performance on Windows, porting to the Mac right now would just be an exercise in frustration.

    Once the performance has settled down a little on Windows I expect they'll look at how many people are using bootcamp to see if there's a market for a native port.

    Alternatively, if Nvidia and AMD start releasing updated drivers for OS X more frequently, it might start tempting developers to move more quickly.
  3. Hydragarium

    There are no specific plans for OSX support anytime soon - it'll come - eventually.

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