M3 Pounder HEG

Discussion in 'MAX' started by SkattoNollFem, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. SkattoNollFem

    Did the Pounder actually improve with the latest patch or have I just been very lucky? Or maybe its because of the Nanoweave change?

    I just tried it out and it really kicks *** in medium range and sort of inside buildings. It kills infantry pretty well now and it dosent feel as hard as before to hit them. It destroys maxes and tanks, but I guess it always did if you hit them.

    The long range aim still feels like some kind of sick joke though.
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  2. Pikachu

    It has less drop and no dead zone since the update.
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  3. MaxDamage

    Looking forward to maybe actually getting some kills with this formerly pathetic gun.
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  4. hansgrosse

    I really like the Pounders. Haven't tried the new ones out yet, but the old ones were fun to use, even if pretty ineffective.

    Always fun to lololol at tanks and sundies you actually managed to kill with the things.
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  5. Loui5D

    Let's hope the falcons got the same treatment, i miss the pre GU7 version.
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  6. Spacelife

    It did! I've been using it since the patch. Doublehit from both your weapons will kill infantry without flak and it's actually possible to hit both now since you're shooting at the dot in the middle of the screen. It's still quite hard to use, because if you miss you're stuck in reload while people are shooting at you, I don't mind thought because I love hard to use stuff. Same as the pounders it's very good vs armor as well.
  7. bestan

    they are pretty good now :


    Also it's very effective on infantry clusters and against MAXes
  8. Dragonblood

    Lockdown with pounders....spamming grenades into other entrances.....so much fun.
  9. redshirt

    Yea its direct hit damage was nurfed, however direct hits on infantry/maxes were never easy and its splash damage was buffed. Which with lock down makes it a bit spammy and capable of killing targets not using flak armor. Which is quite nice for clipping infantry spawning at the sundy you are currently pounding into the dirt using lockdown :p
  10. Takoita

    Falcon rockets are still quite easy to dodge from in a, say, Lightning if you see them coming from a non-point-blank range. It is still a massive improvement compared to their previous state though.
  11. MorganM

    I'll have to actually try the Pounders again! I did a /facepalm when I saw the nerfed the direct hit damage so hard ... but it sounds like the other improvements helped where the weapon was truly lacking.
  12. janeTEXAS

    8/10 Tr Maxes i saw today were using Pounders in a bio lab.

    Lockdown + Pounders is like UBGL spam, pretty OP. Fractures were nerfed but with Lockdown they are "good"
  13. 5ou1

    Haha yeah, there were more pounder max's out there than before fracs were introduced. Don't mind it though, everyone should have something to fear.
  14. Purg

    Tried the Pounder in VR. Hard to use at night since you don't see the projectile, will try again in a day cycle. With practice it would probably help and you'd be able to judge arc better.

    It does look viable, especially since you don't have to worry about convergence now. Probably would work as somewhat mobile artillery when you get used to the arc. Will probably slap a second on my TR MAX and give it a run.
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  15. Pikachu

    They buffed acceleration but initial velocity is still ******* 50m/s. Pounder got it's 100m/s constant. Also pounder doesn't shoot rockets with a sign saying "here I come!".

    The nerf to damage was changed just before the launch of PU2 so that it took the same number of shots to kill as before nerf back in august. Unless the target is wearing flak, pounder is much better now than ever at shooting infantry.

    Anyway best wishes to all happy pounder MAXes.
  16. MaxDamage

    Well it's no fracture, but it's at least useful now.

    Of note: Bestan is no random chump, so his killstreak should be taken with grain of salt.
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  17. vsae

    Tried dual pounders in biolab fight. I confirm that they are now pretty good. Not outstandishly good, but they are effective.
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  18. Ronin Oni

    Think I might pick up a second pounder on my TR now...

    I do happen to be sitting on several hundred certs and it's a cheap pickup :)
  19. Spude

    You heard it first from NC !

    Pounders shall be nerfed in PU03.
  20. hansgrosse

    Finally got a chance to try the new Pounders out. Turns out they're pretty good now! Good for general-purpose use since they've become effective versus pretty much everything. For the time being dual Pounders has become my standard loadout.
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