M14 Banshee WTF??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by REDRUM4K, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. vanu123

    Air hammer forces you to get close and PPA forces you to stick in the area making you vulnerable.
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  2. AgentRed

    You can get a lot of kills when you catch the enemy off guard with any weapon 3:10 so why not nerf all three then?
  3. Foxirus

    Yes, Higby confirmed on Higbypls that the Banshee was next on the list to be "Reworked". I am recommending that it be removed entirely and be turned into an Air Marauder. This would stop it from being able to kill a flak max in 3 seconds and counter its effectiveness at Anti Air.
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  4. Hoki

    And both are still super-cheesy.

    At the very least, none of the AI weapons should have thermal or night vision available.

    Hands down the worst nerf you can do to any of the AI weapons is to remove thermal and night vision, you could do that and not touch the damage at all and the air-ground game would change overnight.
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  5. Flashtirade

    The nail that sticks up must be hammered down.
  6. Foxirus

    Nothing in this game can kill as fast as the Banshee. Nothing. Not to mention, The other AI weapons for VS and NC have already been nerfed. Prepare yourself, It comes.
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  7. Hoki

    Lets start with thermal and night vision. I abuse the banshee from time to time, and what was more effective than going from 25 to 40 rounds was actually just unlocking thermal vision. It turns the game into whack-a-mole.

    Theres a reason you see every ESF using thermal in all of these farming mantages, its OP as ****.
  8. Jayy

    Okay look, I'm not going to try and pretend that the banshee isn't insanely strong, but I've seen the same thing done with at least 4 other weapons. Anti-infantry weapons used on a group of unaware infantry will always result in insane amounts of kills for the farmer. What surprises me more is that he spent over a minute hovering over a highly populated area without so much as a single dedicated anti-air attempt on his esf. All this video proves is that people who can't be bothered with controlling enemy air support are getting farmed. Woo hoo, thanks for that one captain obvious.
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  9. Sixstring

    How can they even nerf the Banshee though? The only changes I could see would be aesthetic like a different sound with maybe a spin-up,afterall it is an AI weapon strapped to the most fragile aircraft in the game so it needs a quick ttk. You're not intended to hover around after firing it and infantry aren't intended to survive. It's meant to be a dive in and pick people off weapon.
  10. Sixstring

    How else are you supposed to use AI weapons in vehicles? There are way more infantry around and they're much harder to spot than vehicles.
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  11. Hoki

    The AH hasn't, and the AH does kill faster than the banshee... its the best peek-a-boo weapon and always has been.

    If you think I don't want the banshee nerfed, you must be new here. I was at the front of the vanguard that brought attention to it.

    But SOE is doing it out of order. The main problem with all air-to-ground farming is thermal vision. It always was.
  12. The_Blazing

    Actually, I firmly belive that the Banshee is the only AI nosegun that is properly desgined for the way ESF A2G AI should work... Relatively long reload (3, although I can see a nerf to that), tiny clip but huge damage that allows for extreme alpha bursts... This weapon promotes swooping in, unloading, and running away before preparing for another run, which is the way that ESFs should do AI.

    Meanwhile, the Light PPA is entirely useless if the enemy has AA and becomes a farming machine of infantry frustration if the enemy does have AA; and the AirHammer is a malformed child of a shotgun and a "multirole" weapon that should be AI but actually does A2A and AV better.
  13. Hoki

    The same way you do when you aren't in a vehicle..

    I've used every mossi weapon without thermal vision including the banshee. Banshee is OP without thermal vision, yes, but every air-to-ground weapon is force multiplied with thermal vision especially splash weapons and anti-infantry shotguns.
  14. Sixstring

    So people are supposed to discern friendlies from enemies then spot them (after they've picked them out of the terrain) all while trying to kill them as they dodge all forms of AA,AP tank shells and other aircraft? Has infantryside really gone this far,and lets not forget this is all about an infantry class being killed by a machine BUILT TO KILL THINGS and a gun that is designed specifically to kill them.
  15. Hoki

    As horrifying as your trying to make that sound, I've done it, and it isn't that bad.. yes your effectiveness at farming infantry is greatly reduced because an exposed toe in a bush doesn't light up like a christmas tree, but that is what makes farming infantry so easy, they're so stupid easy to see.
  16. T0x1s

    Air hammer kills MAXs and infantry even faster than Banshee. Sure it got lower range but its 10x times better against air targets :)

    Jackhammer, Shotgun MAX, Canister and Air Hammer.
  17. ajma

    It's interesting to see all the TR that cried for the PPA nerf now crying that the Banshee is balanced.
  18. DatVanuMan

    I LOVE you.
    Marry me.
  19. Alarox

    My Canister can't do that and it is one of the best AI weapons you can put on any ground vehicle now.

    This guy is flying around from 200m away slaughtering people by the dozens.

    Air and ground clearly aren't balanced around the same scale.
  20. Ronin Oni

    VS asked the same about the PPA.

    Why nerf it? Why not make Marauder and Canister better at range and have larger mags?

    Nope, nerf PPA into the ground, Marauder is now the best ES AI weapon and is still generally not worth giving up AV damage for it's minor improvement in AI lethality.

    Banshee will get nerfed to become the new worst ES AI nosegun. Whoopee! YAY BALANCE BY NERFS! :rolleyes:

    I'd be farming the hell outta my banshee to Aurax it before the nerf but I honestly DGAF about auraxiums. I play far too spread out to focus on Directives.

    Maybe if I played as much PS2 as some guys... but I don't... I play it a few hours a week at most.
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