[Suggestion] M.a.g.i.c an ant module

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  1. shoguncawwill

    Magic aka Mobile active gravity infantryman cannon. m.a.g.i.c. the idea is that of a passenger loader for small aircraft. replace the turret with an amiable jump pad .

    So instead of doing heavy coding for Repelling or doing some weird things you could just go in copy code of the jump pad.

    Walls are Annoying to attack.
  2. Demigan

    Get a Light Assault? They are designed for that.
  3. shoguncawwill

    this is for light assult and for meny more diffrent atttackers play stiyles i fyou havene tnotices that ther are a lot of walls and vertacality of bases that needs to be overcame. a lot of bases have campers at grav lifts this is to help attack bases that have to much of a choke point from ever being assulted at .
  4. Mechwolf

    I'd be for this, only if it can be deployed, and takes roughly 5 seconds to deploy and undeploy.
  5. RRRIV

    they are probably suggesting something similar to corsair's man cannon, but for ants and with less range
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  6. Demigan

    Yes I am aware. But this is the task the LA is designed for. On the other hand the LA is designed to scale everything behind that initial wall as well, so having a tool just to get across a base’s wall that is easily found and targeted is not a bad thing. As always it needs to be balanced:

    - this cannot become a tool for LA’s to slingshot themselves across a base. It needs to launch a player up and a distance of say 10m (about a Sunderer’s length) forwards to limit this option.
    - you don’t want it to be useless in many scenario’s, after deploying the canon (I assume it deploys) the player can set the direction with looking and the height with holding the trigger, a longer hold increases the height. A visual line indicates the current trajectory of the player.

    I’m also for adding more teamplay mechanics for classes. For example an LA presses F which places an anchor on the ground. The LA then flies upwards and drags a cable to the top, where it’s anchored. Any faction infantry can then ride up the cable to the destination. Perhaps its prudent to add a limit of 1 or 2 players on the line at any time so a single cable can’t instantly transport an entire platoon to a destination. That way it doesn’t impede on the Ant’s ability (which can launch any number) and offers more versatility inside a base.
  7. shoguncawwill

    all my ideas come with shoestring budgets that means no new coding if posable . adding new elements like having a cable added even if it makes sense, also makes it more expenive to impalment .

    if you have ever played around with a grav pad and or the jump pad you can sling shot your self around. even with a corsairs its fun to just throw your self even if you are not a la.

    an unintended part of this idea is that it helps defend the person pulling from the ants deployed terminal when deployed. as it adds a ramp for people to run up to the mobile jump pad. we can also make it run on cord to balance it out.
  8. RabidIBM

    Yes, this is the LA's role. However, the LA can do this any time any place at the individual player's discretion. The ant idea here would allow all classes to jump in selective cases where someone had dedicated their vehicle draw to it, and then only in the location where the ant set it up and only until the ant is destroyed.

    Caltrops stepped on builder toes harder than this steps on LA toes.