Lynx 2.0 is good. However, Lynx 1.0 should be brought back.

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  1. Thrustin

    So now that the spreadsheet is out, what is the current status of the Lynx 2.0?
  2. Corezer

    Vertical recoil is .34, with a FSRM of 2

    Jag is .31 with a FSRM of 2.1

    This means that both have an additional .34 vertical recoil on the first shot, so provided you are pre-dragging your mouse down before firing, both FSR will move your crosshair the same distance off original point of aim.

    The lynx definitely does better than the jag out to medium range, lower H.Recoil, a better moving cone, and the high RoF allowing you to more reliably guide tracers on target for hasty adjustments all aid in this. Lynx also works better suppressed, since that effects damage rather than rate of fire, Lynx can readily hit the min damage wall and still be a deadly weapon.

    If as some suggest, SOE did give the lynx it's .75 ADS back, it would become BiS due to it's moving cone, and probably best among all carbines...

    If they lowered the bloom by 1/5 to .04 due to it taking just 1/7-1/9 extra shots to kill, that would be OP as hell, to make up for the extra bloom it already starts at a much smaller cone than the jag.

    In hip fire the lynx isn't quite as good, but not as far off the jag as people seem to think... for a slight loss in cone of fire it gains immensely in volume of fire to fill that cone. I would definitely put it below the vx6-7 though. This is comparing the weapons without ALS, because once it's on then the starting cone gets cut in half along with the advantage provided by that bonus. If you do run ALS I would say lynx is just as good easily, if not better due to shorter TTK lowering how long you have to track the target.

    Overall, I switched back from Jag, Lynx is a better weapon IMO in any situation that isn't heavy on 20-28m engagements (that's where I find the Jag's .75 ads useful while being close enough that the extra large cone doesn't **** you)
  3. DatVanuMan

    I will say this: Whoever thought that reducing the reload speed of the Lynx despite increasing its RoF was a good idea, you are damned stupid. I couldn't care less for the Lynx, but I do think that reducing its reload speed would be a better decision.
  4. Bankrotas

    Afaik, they actually increased the speed (reduced reload time) on it.

    Found it:

    Long reload went down from 3.94 to 3.14 (0.8s buff), short reload went down from 2.96 to 2.33 (0.63s buff)
  5. Iridar51

    Recoil per second:
    Lynx: 2.86 horizontal, 5.15 vertical, variance 2 degrees
    GD-7F: 3.7 horizontal, 4.37 vertical, variance 1.5 degrees
    Serpent: 3.7 horizontal, 3.59 vertical, variance 7 degrees

    Feel free to increase these values for Lynx by 5%, because it has 5% less DPS than Serpent/GD-7F, and will have to fire 5% longer to kill the target.

    As first impressions suggested, Lynx has less horizontal recoil than its competitors. Due to very low recoil angle variance of 2 degrees, and small difference between minimum and maximum horizontal recoil values [1.8/2.0], Lynx is very stable for a CQC carbine.

    Even though GD-7F has even less recoil angle variance, it has horizontal recoil of [0.225/0.3], there's a big difference between min and max values. Serpent's difference is not so big, [0.25/0.275], but it has overall more horizontal recoil, and huge recoil angle variance.
    So recoil pattern of GD-7F/Serpent is much less consistent.

    That said, Lynx has still bloom of a 143 damage weapon, so Lynx will bloom relatively faster. It's not a huge deal as long as you burst fire at longer ranges, and due to better stability, it's easier to hit the target even with increased CoF. But this becomes a bigger deal when you hip fire, especially if you're bordering the effective hip fire range. This also makes Flash Suppressor an undesirable attachment, since bloom is already bigger than what we would want.

    All in all, I'd say the new Lynx is well balanced, being slightly more effective at range than its competition, and slightly less effective at hip firing.
  6. Thrustin

    Does the bloom affect ADS and hip fire accuracy?

    If so, thread pls Iridar? thx.
  7. Iridar51

    Yes, Lynx has 143 damage bloom on both ADS and hip fire. TBH, I don't think this should not be so. What Lynx loses in bloom, it gains in recoil stability. If short bursted, Lynx should be as "effective" as GD-7F/Serpent.
    If had cared more for Lynx, I could've run some simulations and experiments to determine whether it is, in fact, worse than Serpent/GD-7F. But those experiments would entail a lot of manual and tedious work, so I can't say I'm motivated.
  8. Thrustin

    You want me to short burst the Lynx, a supposed close quarter carbine, which already has less DPS than the GD-7F/Serpent, which results in loose additional DPS, so that I am potentially as effective as the mentioned carbines? Really?

    Take it from someone who solely uses the Lynx as Light Assault, that they reduced its effectiveness. It is nowhere near as potent as the old Lynx. The Lynx should just be a carbine version of the Cycler TRV, and be done with it.

    The carbine supposed to excel at close quarter ranges, yet it has been made less effective there to arguably buff it in medium ranges (even though the old Lynx was effective enough at medium ranges, I preferred it over the Jaguar). It is at some weird middle point.

    There is no justification in having it bloom as a 143 damage weapon, but letting it do 125 damage per shot. Sure, I fill that cone with more bullets, but I don't want to fill a cone with bullets, I want the bullets to go where I'm aiming. That is especially important for a low damage weapon like the Lynx. It's just a beefed up SMG, and that is not what I bought.

    At the moment, I loose virtually every face-to-face duel with other LA, especially when they have their superior equivalent of the Lynx equipped.

    Imagine they changed how the Jaguar or T5 AMC felt and handled. I don't think you would be very pleased by it neither. I'm going to make a thread again to get this fixed.

    Edit: Here
  9. Iridar51

    Lynx and GD-7F/Serpent have same starting hip-fire CoFs.

    I've just tested it, and ALS has exact same effect on GD-7F and Lynx: tightens starting hip fire cones by 55% while standing still, and by 61% while standing moving.

    So Lynx's hip fire is indeed ever so slightly worse than GD-7F/Serpent's. It only becomes apparent if you miss a lot of shots, but honestly, sustained hip fire just doesn't work for carbines anyway. Both GD-7F and Serpent, same as Lynx, need to be burst fired when firing from the hip. Otherwise, even half a second shooting past the target severely limits the chances of killing it.

    In fact, Serpent/GD-7F are notorious for their unreliable hip fire.
    I also remind you that Lynx has higher damage per magazine while still having a shorter short reload than Serpent / GD-7F. While the difference in DPM is not that big, it often means having enough juice left for a second target, while Serpent/GD-7F more often than forced to one target per mag.
    Lynx's damage also scales better as the distance to the target grows. GD-7F and Serpent drop three tiers in damage: 143 -> 125 -> 112 -> 100.
    Lynx only drops two tiers: 125 - 112 - 100.
    Yes, Lynx has higher bloom. It has more stable recoil to compensate for it. Even the CoF is bigger, it's easier to hold it on target due to more stable recoil.

    GD-7F and Serpent have starting ADS Stand Move CoF of 0.35.
    Lynx has 0.25. Even though Lynx blooms faster, it starts at lower CoF. So in fact, Lynx's CoF is BETTER until you start missing shots, and Lynx has easier time landing shots due to stable recoil pattern.

    Finally, usage statistics on DasAnfall site:
    Serpent: AVG Accuracy: 21.9% / AVG Kills per Hour: 20.2 / AVG KD: 1.09
    GD-7F: AVG Accuracy: 21.8% / AVG Kills per Hour: 18.9 / AVG KD: 1.14
    Lynx: AVG Accuracy: 21.3% / AVG Kills per Hour: 21.8 / AVG KD: 1.26

    So even though average accuracy is marginally worse, stats show that on average Lynx users do better than GD-7F/Serpent users.

    I don't know how else to say this to you, but Lynx, objectively, is not worse than GD-7F/Serpent, and the stats show it's even better. The problem is not in the weapon. If you'd like my help on mastering Lynx as it is, I'd be glad to provide it. But I will not spearhead a campaign in favor of changing a perfectly viable weapon just because you don't like it.

    I feel for you, I can only imagine how it sucks if your favorite weapon suddenly gets a complete revamp, but I don't think we can/should do much about it.
  10. Thrustin

    I see your point, I guess I will have to get used to it. Thanks for the discussion.
  11. DatVanuMan