Lynx 2.0 is good. However, Lynx 1.0 should be brought back.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by asdfPanda, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    The difference in DPS is 5%, and the Lynx has advantages over them in other fields.
    ASD speed multiplier for other carbines is another topic entirely, and I would support that too. In fact, I think all carbines should have 75% ADS.

    However, just for the Lynx to get ADS multiplier would be unfair now.
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  2. MostlyClueless

    By hip firing, which the Lynx is still good at.
  3. OddChelsea

    Indeed, whatever changes were made to the Lynx's hipfire it still has an advanced laser sight and the ability to spam out 40 bullets in no time. That's a powerful combo still for hipfiring. I've hipfired people just fine while flying around without an advanced laser when the new Lynx came out, the RoF allowed me to just spam everyone down. Also the Jag is just fine being the 0.75x ADS carbine for CQC and mid range. 750 RPM is still more than enough to get the job done up close/in your face and at mid range. If it wasn't why would anyone use the 0.75x, 750 RPM/143 damage Carnage AR?
  4. Paperlamp

    Lynx has worse CoF bloom relative to bullet damage which IMO kills it since it's TTK just isn't good if you have to fire more bursts of its low damage bullets to maintain accuracy. I haven't actually seen the stats since no sites seem to've updated it to the 2.0 version, but at least it really feels like it's got .5 bloom still. I tried it, but went back to the Jaguar, then got bored w/TR again.

    I don't think the new Lynx really competes with the GD-7F or Serpent which is what it really should do, not be a weird side-grade Jaguar. However, I also don't really care that much about the old Lynx since I'd still use Jag over that too. It was better in some ways than Lynx 2.0 but it still had serious problems - primarily the recoil angle which was the most dramatic of all carbines.
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  5. Iridar51

    Actually, the CoF and CoF bloom stats are available in the game, at the end of the fields "aim accuracy" and "hip accuracy", and you're right, Lynx 2.0 has bloom of a 143 weapon. Maybe we could ask SOE to fix it, they did fix GD-7F's 167 weapon bloom.

    Link to screenshot with stats.
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  6. Pie Chasm


    It's strictly worse than either at any range.

    They COULD increase bullet damage to put it ON PAR.

    Then all of a sudden it would sting a lot less, but no, that would make too much sense. It would also serve to further homogenize the game.

    I don't think anybody who spends money on the game should not have a bitter taste in their mouth, since they basically robbed Peter to pay Paul with this one instead of coming up with something new and interesting.

    In fact, the armistice is currently a better weapon. The less than 20 RPM tradeoff for better accuracy and .75X ADS movement speed is too good to pass up.
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  7. Iridar51

    Within 6m - maybe.
  8. Pie Chasm

    Correct, the new Lynx is better within 6 m where you can hipfire it with accuracy.
  9. Iridar51

    I forgot what I was talking about.
  10. Pie Chasm

    .... I still can't believe they butchered my favorite carbine just to make it a worse version of the other faction high RoF hipfire carbines...

    but.. life goes on...
  11. Frostbitten

    This. Where is that Kevmoo or whoever is responsive for this nonsense?

    New Lynx has noticeably worse TTK than both of those 845/143 carbines and in hands of someone experienced - Lynx user almost always losses on 1vs1.

    Lynx should fire at 966rpm(!!!) to make same damage output as those carbines which is just insane.
  12. Bankrotas

    It's fine to bring back Lynx 1.0 but, what are you offering other factions then?
    If we reduce it's accuracy then and increase reload times.
  13. Frostbitten

    I am perfectly fine with that, just give me same output as others since skilled players can control Serpent easily. And this "asymmetric balance" is pure BS sometimes and not fair to faction in question.
  14. Pie Chasm

    The really stupid and obvious thing that eludes some, not you obviously since you seem to agree on the same point, is that the serpent and even GD-7F had an advantage in CQC over the Lynx and were disadvantaged at mid-range over the Lynx... just as it ought to have been.

    That was the asymmetric balance part. Removing a unique advantage (while the opposing factions had their own particular advantages) and replacing it with a distinct disadvantage is just imbalance.

    The new Lynx should have comparable dps to the other faction weapons. If they are unable to increase the RoF past that value, then then they need to up the weapon damage.. if they can't do either, well, it's 2014, everybody can program bro.
  15. Bankrotas

    But honestly, I'd trade Lynx 2.0 for GD-7F.
  16. asdfPanda

    VS should have a medium range counterpart to the Pulsar C. NC should have another close range option, Bandit/Cyclone style.
  17. NaySayer

    I do miss the old lynx. The new lynx, well it's no lynx, it's good but not the same. I too feel the original lynx should be brought back.
  18. RyanGUK

    Rerelease the old Lynx and call it the Panther.

    Knowing SOE though, they'll make you pay for that gun despite it being what you already purchased. I'd like to see them give it out for free to those who purchased the original Lynx via certs or SC.
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  19. Corezer

    Give it .75 ads speed and I'll throw in the bandit, blitz, and steal the Orion from the vs for you!
  20. Bankrotas

    I only traffic guns, not mod them.