Loyal Soldier Bundle

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  1. Liquid23

    well if this event is received well and maybe nets more players or gets more to sub I'm sure there will be more in the future
  2. Lamberto29

    I bought a damn months worth of membership this morning come back on tonight to find that I now get a months free membership. This is proof their is a god and that he is a utter ***.
    Live free in the NC!
  3. LGhost1904

    I have no idea what your talking about. Getting double, triple SC during an event? What event?
  4. Liquid23

    they have weekend events where if you redeem SC cards or purchase SC during said event you receive 2x or 3x what you payed for... they do these a few times a year... keep an eye out for them as they make buying weapons and such much more reasonable...

    for instance I redeem 15 dollar WalMart cards during the triple event... the Walmart 15 dollar card comes with a 500 SC bonus so it's 20 dollars of SC for 15 dollars... during the triple event that makes me get 60 dollars worth of SC for just 15 bucks (4 times the amount)... so instead of paying 7 dollars for a 700SC weapon I'm actually paying $1.75 for it...
  5. FlameGankin

    I've spent Sc before April 3rd and have had multiple memberships as well, just being slow i guess?
  6. LGhost1904

    I was having trouble understanding how this related to my question but I see that you were trying to make a point... Their choice of the cut off date being Apr. 3rd is not a reason. Obviously they don't have to give a reason but that wasn't my question.

    Their goal here was to reward people who spent money on the game, other wise it would be given to all players before Apr. 3rd... I'm asking if there is a logical reason why they would have a cut-off date. Not saying there isn't one but I'm curious as to what it could be.

    And it's also frustrating seeing as I started playing in mid- March but didn't spend any money until after Apr. 3rd because I was still learning the game.
  7. Liquid23

    honestly there probably is no logical reason behind why they picked that specific date... it was probably just picked at some point when they started planing the event because they decided it needed a cut off date and that was as good as any ... it also gave them a month's worth of time to set it up since that account data was fixed as it's in the past... much easier to hand out things based on old data than to try and do it with new constantly changing current data... a lot of games do it like that... members and whatnot get veteran rewards a month or so after the actual year of sub time has passed instead of on the exact day it passes
  8. LGhost1904

    That would be a valid reason... Now I wonder why they would do this "reward our paying players event" in the first place if they couldn't reward all of them because of whatever reason, valid or not. It looks like I'm in the minority here so maybe they aren't getting new players at a good rate anymore or maybe they're losing players so they had add the incentive, hell, maybe I just value my money more than everyone else to be upset that someone could spend $1.50 and get rewards while I spend upwards of $50.00 and don't.. Whatever the case, looks like I'm gonna have to chunk it up, one person can't make a difference.
  9. Antreya

    There was some player activity charts put out recently and this game has lost a tremendous amount of players. The charts they put out showed this game peaked at around 700,000 players, but now is down to less than 200,000, so the game has lost over 500,000 players in a span of 6 months or so. I imagine they are trying to think of new events like this and such to attempt to recover players, but everyone I know who has quit this game it doesn't even exist to them anymore and they'll never play it ever again so I'm curious how this event will turn out.
  10. Liquid23

    that is actually around average for MMOs of this generation... Rift peaked at something like 600K and dropped to little under 300K fairly quickly as an example... this is the generation of the disposable MMO... there are so many and they are released so constantly a large portion of the MMO playerbase just hits up new ones to leave a short while later when the next "shiny" comes along... one could have hoped that this being a rather nitche game without many direct compeditors it would have faired better but the locust swarm that are MMO players apparently would have none of that
  11. Caladin

    Uh, why the heck did I get it then?

    I've spent a lot of SC, but I never got membership, free or otherwise.
  12. Ghosy01

    i got it on all my soldiers even the ones in level 1 weird
  13. Liquid23

    you were supposed to.. it's account wide..
  14. Greenspore

    Why have such a debilitating cut off? Just reward all players during the next month and use it to get new players into the game via word of mouth and popular review!
    Is this supposed to compensate for the recent cert fiasco? If it is I did not receive either bonus :(
  15. sham

    To prevent it leaking out and people taking advantage? Doesn't really make much sense to me.

    I have a mate in the same situation. He was on the fence about what to get so when he spent his SC he was "too late". Seems a bit silly by SOE in that he was exactly the type of player they were intending to target with this promotion. Adding what seems like an arbitrary date seems like it will have exactly the opposite affect on the players they where hoping to target but missed this odd date.