Loyal soldier bundle

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  1. Ronin Oni

    I bet all you hardcore 1 faction players would dream of some treatment like this...

    but no, we get it on all our characters ;)

    It's supposedly for Members & Alpha Squad, though perhaps having spent over a certain SC threshold also tags one for this bundle
  2. Ronin Oni

    You get that for being a member
  3. Pintxi

    i want the camo too ... :-( where is mineeee camoooo???
  4. vastaitku

    I guess I got it for buying all the Smedbucks.

    Thank you, SOE.
  5. diversionkay

  6. Paperlamp

    I got it and I've never been a member.

    I have spent around 4700 SC out of the 5000 I got from an NVIDIA bundle though.

    Seems I got membership benefits out of it.

  7. Simferion

    I'm a Pro7 member with my playing account and I got the camo, even if just for my NC because of the bug. (And now I cannot connect to the game to see if they fixed it).
    I bought various SC and I'm an Auraxium member too , so I'm very loyal :p
  8. Geomancer

    Sigh... great. So now my BR 2 NC Alt has a new Camo. Thanks for the warning that it you only got it once Sony. Sheesh.
  9. Babaganoush


    Thank you Smeddles.
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  10. Aegie

    Really, that sucks because I think something similar may have happened to me. Oh well, maybe they will look into that if it is genuinely in the good spirit that it seems to be it is hard to fault them for making such an oversight.
  11. Bolticus

    Has anyone who just claimed the 170 free SC from the other games received this bundle?
  12. Cl1mh4224rd

    You also apparently get one level of membership for free, too. I have never had a membership, but my profile currently shows me as Copper level. I have the +25% XP bonus, can purchase Member deals in the Depot, have 3 extra character slots, etc.
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  13. The King

    I didn't claim it on my other characters, but they all have it.
    Claimed on my VS, have on my NC...
    I have 2 VS though, I was wondering if I can delete that one and make a TR and would I get it too? lol...

    Can anyone confirm, who has a char slot, if they make a new one just now after receiving their bundle, do you get one on your new character too??

    As some reported having 3 extra character slots, I do not get 3 additional character slots.
    Still have 3/3
  14. Cl1mh4224rd


    Huh... I wonder if there are different levels to this Loyalty Bundle.
  15. The King

    My brother said he had 6 character slots sicne 2 days ago.

    I spent 5x more than he did on this game, and he never had a membership, lol.
    But he did play during beta and I haven't...

    And yeah, he got all the camo with all the ones he just filled up.

    edit:Funny, I just logged out of my NC character and now I have 3 more character slots.
    yay, don't have to delete my VS
  16. Cl1mh4224rd

    Ahh, this is explained by Higby on Twitter (link):

    I've purchased SC in the past, so that would explain why I got the membership.
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  17. LanceHavenbay

    Pictures are already posted. /derp
  18. nella

    Does your game launcher say ProSiebensat.1? I've bought SC(Seven Cash, not Station Cash) and did not get anything.
  19. LanceHavenbay

    SOE account.
    No ProSieben account.
    Regular client user.
    974 hours playing.
    BR 65 NC
    Never been a member.
    Purchased lots of SC.
    Alpha: No.
    Beta: Yes.
    PS1: No.

    I got the bundle.
  20. Hrafnagaldr

    250 hours playtime. Member, bought station cash, no Pro7, Vanu only player, no alts.