[Suggestion] lower price of all member to half

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MasterDk78, Aug 9, 2021.

  1. MasterDk78

    i wanted to be a meber, was actully holding my credit card in hand, until i noticed what the price was.
    I think its to much for a old game like this. and tbh why would i pay that much only to get sniped by veterans in the head all the time? veterans who has played for 7 years and knows how to play?

    besides that, before you start saying it aint much, im glad you can afford it, but there is a reason why i play this free game, coz im broke. and mostly only play it when my friends are online.

    please consider lower the price, i would think if you did more people would sign up.
    this is not wow, where there is 20 maps and stories, this is a pvp game, shoot and kill, and keep calm and resspawn
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  2. RiP0k

    Moreover, any person who decides to buy a 500 DBC will think, but not if he should buy a Member for $ 7.50. Instead of $ 5 for just 500 DBC.
  3. Ravenous Travis

    Well.. when you pay for the sub you're subbing to more than just planetside 2, you're also getting a sub to EQ, EQ2, and DC universe. Granted most people who pay the sub wouldn't be interested in playing more than one title hosted by daybreak, planetside 3 has been hinted at in the semi-recent past and given how they like to just offer the one size fits all sub, if they were to lower the sub cost now people would be upset when they raise it again for ps3. Assuming they're still working on planetside 3 of course.

    Realistically subbing at this point is just a way to support the devs anyways. Server queues aren't really that bad anymore, and certs are handed out so freely now that the bonus xp from subbing really isn't a huge deal. Since you're not excluded from any content if you're not subbed, I would say the price is fine.
  4. Drgnx

    I'm supporting the devs ... to ignore PS4 ... I can do that for free