Low FPS on good rig

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PandaTheGreen, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. PandaTheGreen

    Ok so I have a rig that should easily be able to handle Planetside 2. However, even when I'm at the warpgate I'm only getting 30 FPS with a CPU bottleneck. I already unparked my cores and I tried looking for things to change in the useroption file, however, a lot of people tell you to change things in different ways. So, I'd like to know which settings in the useroptions.ini file affect CPU and which affect GPU (that I can set to high).

    My specs:
    CPU: Intel i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz
    GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600
    RAM: 16GB
    OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit
  2. user300115

    Your rig is not suited for gaming because of the GPU. The IGP is meant for office or multimedia. It also doesn't meat the minimum spec.

    You need a graphics card and probably a new power supply. What would be your budget? Also what PSU do you currently use?
  3. PandaTheGreen

    I'll have to open my desktop to see what PSU I use, I don't have time to do that right now, also I'm planning on buying a laptop with better specs anyways that should be able to handle the game.
    Another thing is that I'm always CPU bottlenecked while my GPU is the one not meeting requirements
  4. Mikeel

    Without doubt it is your GPU that is the problem.

    Personally I run Planetside (perfectly) well with:
    i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30 GHz
    GeForce GTX 570
    8 GB RAM
    And of course Win 8.1

    As you can probably guess, my **** is oooold by now.. Still, works perfectly fine. Im pretty much never below 40 fps.

    So yeah that GPU, you gotta change it ;)
  5. PandaTheGreen

    Than why can I turn up all my graphics settings to high while still being CPU bound?
  6. lindatropa

    guys i really don't know what PCs you have so you got such a low fps...
    I'm running on CPU AMD x4 860k 3,7MHz; GPU AMD Radeon 260x 2GB; RAM 8GB; and 1TB HDD
    my lowest FPS was 30 on battle 200+players

    my rigs:


  7. DK22

    Its a big club.
    PS2 isn't that demanding, hardly stresses my PC at all and its getting old,
    they just need to fix it, been bust since Nov..
  8. somefriggnidiot

    Don't quote me on this, but I'm going to guess integrated graphics typically run on the CPU since there's no dedicated GPU to take over. (Can't be entirely sure, as I've never really bothered with integrated graphics.) As such, instead of your CPU doing what the CPU does and the GPU doing what the GPU does, you're effectively forcing your CPU to do both.

    I can't be entirely sure, as I've not really looked hardcore into how integrated graphics works, but given the general idea and what knowledge I do have, that's my best guess. Take it with a grain of salt, but I would seriously consider the previously given advice of getting a dedicated GPU.
  9. user300115

    The FPS display is prone to error. It displaying [CPU] doesn't necessarily mean that the CPU is limiting.
  10. PandaTheGreen

    My life is a lie ;-;
  11. Shifthold

    Is your fps constantly capped at 30? That sounds like vsync without triple buffering. Might also check if the windows power settings are on the "high savings" (cant translate, should be clear what i mean though) setting and set it to balanced
  12. PandaTheGreen

    nah, it sort of balances around 30 fps (20-40)
  13. DK22

    put in a ticket, the more that do the better, complaining here won't do anything.
  14. PandaTheGreen

    Ok...so basically "CPU bottleneck" means "GIGANTIC OVERWHELMING GPU BOTTLENECK HOLY****" on planetside...nice...
  15. user300115

    It means..."Sir, there is a statistically higher chance that your CPU is currently bottlenecking. But thinking about, there is also a GPU...and maybe a frame limiter...that could be doing the same"

    If it says [GPU] however it basically says "LOL, look at this guy's GPU! It SO bad, it is already retro!".

    No seriously, I didn't have one incident where [GPU] lied. It is just [CPU] which is rather unreliable. At one point I had an overclocked $600 CPU and a $20 GPU because the main broke. It told me that my CPU was bottlenecking.
  16. PandaTheGreen

    Yeah...I checked game debate and my CPU and RAM both had a 10 star rating....my GPU 3 stars...."CPU bottleneck" they said, "You can trust us" they said....
  17. BlackDove

    Ratings like that are meaningless. You have a good CPU but it has to share resources with the integrated GPU when you dont have a discrete GPU.

    You could put a new PSU in your PC if it will fit and get a discrete GPU.

  18. PandaTheGreen

    Since my GPU is actually the bottleneck, which settings affect GPU more than CPU so I can tune those down a bit?
  19. user300115

    The settings that affect the GPU the most are most likely render quality and resolution. Particles and graphics quality also have a noticeable effect.