Low FPS and CPU bound? READ THIS! +20 FPS!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by The Original Ace, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. The Original Ace

    Guys... Holy crap. I was poking around in my settings folder... and after trying some different stuff for two hours I finally stumbled across a little change that QUITE LITERALLY gave me +20 FPS in a 96+/96+ battle. I swear to god, stable 38-40 FPS at a massive bio-dome fight. I just played for 3 minutes with this and I had to shut it down and come post this. Holy... CRAP.

    In your Ps2 folder, same place as UserOptions.ini, look for a file named: Graphics.ini

    Inside it, you'll see this:


    Now, we all know shaders wreak havoc on your CPU... So just for kicks I went ahead and changed it to this:

    Logged in not expecting much... Spawned into a 96+/96+ bio dome fight...
    38-40 FPS... stable... No longer bouncing around like a troubled child on crack. I'll be honest, the game looks a -little- flat with the high shaders turned off, but it is honestly barely noticeable. I cranked all my settings up to high (With the exception of Shadows and flora, i kept that crap off) and the game looks awesome... but runs soooooo much smoother.
    My system:
    Core2Duo E8500
    Nvidia GTX660Ti
    6GB (2x2, 2x1) DDR2

    I did notice that when you exit the game, it automatically reverts these settings to the originals, even if you set it to read-only, and if you start the game again without changing them again, it is reverted to normal.

    I'd love to see a dev chime in on this...
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  2. PurpleOtter

    Holy Crap!

    I can actually play the game again...

    Update: It reset to the default settings...
  3. FunkFest

    Gonna give this a shot. Hope I get some good results also. 96+/96+ is the only place I am seeing bad FPS drops.
  4. FunkFest

    No noticeable improvement on this end.
  5. entrailsgalore

    Make sure you set your user config file to READ ONLY after you make any edits. Otherwise the patcher re-writes the file.
  6. Aldaris

    As he stated in his post, that doesn't do anything.
  7. The Original Ace

    I did a lot of playing with permissions on the file and the planetside folder, but what I believe prevented the patcher from reverting the file was removing the "OWNER CREATOR" premissions entirely on the planetside 2 folder. Like I said, I tried a lot of different stuff at once (I know, im stupid) so Im not 100% sure what did it, but it hasn't reverted yet.
  8. sixoo

    looking at this, seems Forgelight engine has his roots inside EQ 1 engine. maybe we can find something else.


    found this, seems the tweak is referred to the pixel shaders version and hw vertex shaders.


    Vertex Shaders: These options determine how much details are displayed on characters and objects per pixel. These options are limited by your graphics cards. If the Card Features list your card as having these shaders (or shaders of a higher number), turn these on. If EQ even runs it probably supports these. This is work that will be off-loaded from your CPU (which EQ taxes enough as it is) and onto the GPU (which is vastly underused in EQ).
    • Allow hw Vertex Shaders - The hw stands for hardware - Vertex Shaders are used to render the actual display. If disabled the video card hardware is no longer used for rendering, it is all moved to software and CPU usage.
    • Allow 1.1 Pixel Shaders - Same as hw Vertex Shaders, additionally there are some parts of the game that may break without these enabled.
    • Allow 1.4 Pixel Sharders - Same as 1.1 Pixel Shaders.
    • Allow 2.0 Pixel Shaders - Enable it if your "Card Features" shows Pixel Shader 2.0 or higher. You will see a slight performance hit in less detailed scenes, but more detailed scenes will see an increase in frame rate and quality.
  9. Voodoo4500

    Shading is done on the GPU not CPU. Do NOT change these settings. TheOriginalAce (op) simply has no clue what he is talking about.
  10. The Original Ace

    As much as it goes against my usual forte to engage a troll, you do have a somewhat valid point... Shading is done on the GPU, not the CPU, under normal circumstances. If playing SOE games has taught me anything, it is that *they* have no idea what they're doing when it comes to making things work as intended. No offence, SOE, but honestly how long has this game been out and it's still so poorly optimized? Ya had plenty of time to make holiday hats to sell, but ya can't make it playable with less than an i5?

    Anyway, Voodoo4500, saying I have no idea what I'm talking about because I posted something that not only *works*, it goes against the typical perception of the matter, is absurd. Personally, I don't give a darn if anyone tries this or not... It's not gonna make me any money, so why would I try to shove it down peoples throats? Two of my friends (both run i3's) tried it and got 6-10 more FPS (they were already close to 30-35 in big fights).

    All I care about is 35+ FPS in a 96/96+ fight... And I got it. Also playing around with some other off-the-wall tweaks at the moment, I'll post results here for those who are interested.
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  11. entrailsgalore

    Ah ok. That's weird, when I had my old pc, this used to work. They must have changed that.