Low fps after extended paly sessions?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exoz, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Exoz

    So this has been happening since launch for me, I hear other people are getting this too. First of all I have a very good PC:

    I7 3770k overclocked to 4.7 GHZ, a radeon 7950 overclocked to 1.2 ghz, 16 gb of ram

    When I log in at the warpgate for example I get around 160-170 fps, even if I get to a big fight I stay around 70-80 fps, the game feels very smoothe no matter how big the fight is.

    HOWEVER, after a while , like 30 min lets say I can feel the fps drop off, and it continues to stay that way. If I return to the warpgate for instance after 1-2 hours of playing, my fps will go from 160 fps which it was orginally when I logged in, to like 50. I find this absurd and this is obviously in no way related to my computer.

    If I restart the game, the same thing will happen, high fps that degrades slowly. Can you try to adress this ? It's really screwed up that I have to restart the game every 40-50 min or so, just to get the fps back up, especially when I'm an outfit leader, leading an entire platoon.

    Also curious if anyone else with good computers is getting these constant fps drops over long play sessions.
  2. VodkaGR

    Memory leaks = the engine sucks balls = not your PC's fault
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  3. Warruz

    Its either a memory leak or overheating. If your heat is fine then its the prior.
  4. Exoz

    Temperatures are fine, I'm just bringing attention to this issue, I'm pretty sure it's memory leaks, but something NEEDS to be done. The game can obviously run great becuase it does after starting it for like the first 20 min, and then kaboom everything goes to hell and it stays that way unless restarted.

    Please fix this ;/
  5. WrrLor

    "Extended paly session" made me think of Diablo II at 4 am.

  6. PaperPlanes

    Same here. What is odd is my displayed FPS doesn't change at all, but the game becomes somehow less smooth without actually having my FPS drop.

    It is definitely some kind of memory leak issue, it goes away when I reboot my PC. And my temperatures are fine. If heat was an issue it wouldn't cause something like this, overheating would be causing BSODs, graphical artifacting, lock ups and CTDs, not weird FPS issues.
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  7. Gavyne

    Memory leak likely, and it's probably not something that'll go away completely. SOE has memory leak issues in other games they have, like Everquest 1 and Everquest 2. And memory leaks affect different PC's differently. For me I probably have to restart the client once every 4-5 hours, which is acceptable for me. For some others they have to do it more often.
  8. Warruz

    That happens when you are actually overheating, a lot if not all GPU's and CPU's have a safety zone when they reduce how much they are processing to reduce heat. Trust me i had my fan fail on my GPU and its exactly what it did rather then get to the point of artifacting and its what my laptop does if its not properly venting heat when under heavy loads.
  9. xGreedFuSioN

    Hey OP can you do a quick test for me? Won't take but a second. Can you downclock your gpu and cpu to stock and test fps? I have an i7 3770k @ stock, a GTX 670@ stock, 16gb ram, and I've never seen 80fps, ever. Did OC really help that much? IF so what cpu cooler do you suggest? I've been looking at the H100i/Kraken X60 from NZXT, But I don't really want water cooling. thanks.
  10. xGreedFuSioN

    Also in regard to no fps change but a change in the smoothness, google search "Frame Latency" you'll learn alot. It's basically how long it takes the last frame in a second to render.
  11. Exoz

    Obviously I've tested stock frequencies for everything, same issue of course. Just lower starting fps than it is now.

    To answer your questions, I get about 35% higher fps after overclocking - I use the coolermaster hyper 212 EVO for my cpu, it's like one of the best AIR cooling solutions out there, my temps don't go over 65 , usually between 55 and 60. Thing is I've overclocked my radeon 7950 as well by a lot from a 850 mhz stock frequency to 1200 on the clock and 1500 on the memory from 1200, it's an awesome video card because of the overclocking headway you can get, it's like on par with a gtx 690 after that overclock, fantastic card, it doesn't have physX, but if you don't care about that it's just awesome. It also has like double the bandwidth of a gtx 660ti (660ti has 150GB and 7950 has 280 GB), and 2gb more ram, and those things will also make it a much much better choice for future games as well and you won't have to upgrade whereas the geforce falls behind because of the 258 bit bus and low bandiwidth.

    The overclocking is worth it but meh who cares really when the fps goes to hell after playing for a while and you have to restart the game anyway :|
  12. xGreedFuSioN

    Hey man thanks a mil. Once again, I've got nothing against Radeon/AMD/ATI, If I could rebuild my comp I'd go 8350 and 7970, but, Google frame latency. That's where GeForce/nVidia is ahead. (I.E. My card will look smoother at 55fps than yours will at 60.) but that doesn't really matter. I haven't really considered OC'ing my 670, but, I guess I should. Got any suggestions for software? I don't even know where to start. My card is just like the 379.99$ EVGA GTX 670 you can find anywhere.
  13. Exoz

    Don't bother with 7970, it's basically way more expensive, u can get same results with 7950 overclocked, 7970 doesn't overclock well, it just has some extra tesellation units the difference is basically non existant between a 7950 overclocked and a 7970.

    I've used nvidia for years as well before getting the 7950 and I know what you mean but the 7950 really is an awesome card, I have no complaints it just has the same performance as a gtx 690 after I've overclocked it. As for software you can use msi afterburner for your GPU although you should really read about the overclocking potential of your card before you do anything, and the gtx cards are pretty much clocked up as high as they can go IIRC. I recommend bios overclocking for your CPU, however I STRONGLY recommend you read about it if you don't know what you're doing.

    I usually do a lot of research before upgrading because I only do it once every 4-5 years, I buy something very good and it lasts a long time and it saves me the trouble of upgrading every year or so.

    On topic though: Please fix the fps drops :|
  14. xGreedFuSioN

    I know what I'm doing. 7970 has better performance and the same overclocking potential, so I'd go for that xD
    I'm using stock cooler ATM just because I was too cheap to buy one, but I can still pull off an easy 4.2 ghz and never see 55C
  15. Tasogie

    I have I-7 3770 2X GTX 680 CUII Top editions + 32 gig of Ripjaw 2133 ram.. an I noticed last night I got 4 FPS at crossroads battle when TR zerged it with about 20 tanks... I had to move away from the battle to get my FPS back up to a standard (50) to play again.Dammed if I know why. I run the game maxed out, but not with Physx running thank christ.. wish I new what was goign on.
    I start off with 72-80 fps in warpgate, an when I go out I get about 50+
  16. Exoz

    It really isn't worth the money unless you're rich and willing to spend for abismal performance increase that you won't feel. You can read about it here for example:


    As for the cpu, you only need a better cooler if you want to reach 4.7-4.8 ghz because you'll need to use some extra voltage for that.

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