Love the bounty system, make them buyable with certs

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  1. ALN_Isolator

    Title. The bounty system is not only a fun little addition, but believe it or not actually makes people seem LESS "OMG HAXXOR IM FAKIN KILL UR *** FAGIT" and more "lol u gots a bounty now boi ;)" and that is an amazing leap forward in the community! Pat yourselves on the back DB. Let's make this even more of a mainstream game mechanic by making a bounty worth 5 DBC or 10 certs (2500 XP) because honestly the DBC value is too low as amusing as it may be and would be a good way to get rid of our random DBC we all have. This would be a very fun cert sink to all our prestigious BR 100s and people who want to get a certain satisfaction knowing that they just sent an army after one person.

    TL;DR This is an amazing and fun mechanic that is improving the community, lower the DBC price and make them buyable with certs.
  2. Booface

    They've got to make money somehow. How about this, you can buy bounties for certs if you are a member. You're already paying your way at that point.

    I'd love it if I could put a cert for cert bounty on someone. If I want to give 5000 certs to the first guy who kills Hammerboss, I want to do it.
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  3. Crayv

    I think they should charge certs as well (like 5 certs) but have bounty tokens (pay 100 Dank Bucks for 4 tokens) which remove the cert cost until you run out, instead of just paying a flat out $0.25 each time.

    They could also give members a free bounty a day.
  4. Plastikfrosch

    it should be based on certs and the certs should be devided between the 3 people who kill the person with the bounty on its head. the way it is now is just a cheap money making. bad dbg bad
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  5. tijolo

    Try running a company with no income. Plus this is a no-pay-to-win addition that will probably get them more money. It's a neutral-win relation for most and a win-win for who likes it and is going to use it. Making it purchaseable with certs could invalidate the initial purpose. Unless you consider people spending more certs on this and buying a membership and boosts for the lack of certs in the future due to bounties. But the way it is now is a better bet and I think it's not going to change.
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  6. TheFlamingLemon

    I posted this on the original in development thread and it was (in my opinion unfortunately) overlooked. With the directive released, I would want to revise the number of kills and time limit.

    Rank 1: same throughout except the time limit is until the demand is met
    Rank 2: 2 kills, no time limit, same recharge
    Rank 3: 4 kills, no time limit, same recharge time
    Rank 4: 6 kills, no time limit, same recharge time

    Of course, this would be built off of, but the main idea is that free players have access to a version of placing bounties that does a bit less and has a recharge time. The alternative, having 1 per day or per several hours and having to pay for extras, is also a very viable, perhaps more viable, option.
  7. Demigan

    Pay some certs and some resources is what I say. DBC should still be a great and viable option (I wouldn't, but I've been hunted twice now so others do). If you make it too cheap for non-paying members even the paying members would start preferring that option.

    You can reward players (part of) the certs and resources if they get the kill as already mentioned.

    I noticed I really enjoyed being the hunted as well as the hunter. Going out of your way, fighting and avoiding a fight just to get to that one single hunted target was fun. And when I got hunted I changed my playstyle from "go in hard with guns blazing" to a more careful approach to get as high a killstreak as possible.
    Because it's tied to DBC I think the novelty will wear off soon and people will stop paying it, so having something to back it up and a clear choice between what to pay, as well as giving members a (few) free revenge coins each day, would be a good thing.
  8. Villanuk

    The Bounty was not wanted by the players but DBG have brought it in regardless not to add to the game but just for cash, pure and simple. If it was to add spice to the game it would have been with certs which i mentioned straight off, so its just not going to happen buds.
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  9. Taemien

    If that were true, no one would use it. But by what I'm seeing its being used.

    As the old saying goes, "Money Talks, BS Walks".
  10. JojoTheSlayer

    Its supposed to be a money sink... Making em buyable with certs would defeat that MAIN purpose.
    And tbh, its not the BR100 who have unlocked everything that needs a "buff" anyway.
  11. Villanuk

    Im sure a few will but as these forums have shown, their is an utter distaste for the concept and how its been implemented.
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  12. NinjaTurtle

    How is this system a "buff" to anyone

    It is a waste of time that changes nothing.
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  13. JojoTheSlayer

    If it cost certs for someone that didnt need certs anymore. It could be used as a focus fire "order" against important players.
    Why would a BR100 with 5000 certs he didnt need not use it if one bounty cost 25 certs for example...
  14. Turiel =RL=

    For me it is a pretty lame attempt to turn player frustration about bad server architecture into money. The most kills in this game happen, because someone turns out of nowhere and kills you before you can even react. At the same time, you can blast a whole magazine into opponents, they turn around and kill you and still show 80% health on the deathscreen.
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  15. Taemien

    What I said still stands. Want to prove me wrong? Form a movement. Have everyone stop paying, stop playing*, and stop posting**. Leave silently and move on. But I'll wager you'll stick around. You'll forget about this in a week.

    *playing supports Daybreak by giving paying customers like me something to shoot at.
    **posting supports Daybreak by making the forums look more active.
  16. Villanuk

    It means nothing of the sorts but you can look at it this way if you so wish.

    I play for my own entertainment, which you pay for to support my gaming time for FREE. The more you pay, the more i dont.

    What i said still stands. The concept adds NOTHING to a team based game but the fact its not being used with certs but cash is distasteful and blatant, It shows contempt to what players said or wanted. Not one person have ever posted, please lets use real money for this idea, not one person ( that i have seen )

    Im certainly not going to protest naked at 10 downing street over this, or make placards over the weekend and tie myself to a tree but these forums are about opinions, i stated mine and thats all it is.
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  17. Orthoclaze

    Is there a way to disable it?

    I would prefer to spend money on one of the various NS weapons (valued at let's say 3000 certs if purchased individually with certs for each faction), rather than an expectation value of 80 certs of random bonuses because I might somehow feel angry that an enemy incentivized for the same reason's I am has successfully murdered me.

    So naturally I would like it scrubbed off every single death screen in the event during the next few hundred hours of game play (8000 deaths), I might twitch involuntarily and click the revenge button. With my dyspraxia, shaking hands (currently oscillating with an amplitude of 3mm) and infrequent involuntary muscle spasms I feel this is basically a certainty.
  18. Taemien

    Now you're going to bring the team argument? Most freebies don't team. They cert farm, they lone wolf, and zerg. Pretty act as nothing more than random targets. Sorry buddy, but we don't really need you. As Everquest 1 and 2 has proved. They do BETTER when premium servers are offered.

    In fact I think Daybreak should consider a new server requiring membership with other perks attached. I'll wager it gets queues just to login.
  19. eldarfalcongravtank

    not a huge fan of this bounty system but i really hope it prospers and gets some much needed funds into fixing and further developing this game. that's why it should stay cash-only.
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  20. Villanuk

    My very first post on the road map was about TEAM, i have stated many times it adds nothing to a TEAM based game.
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