Love PS but Rogue Planet not hitting the mark

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneShadowWarrior, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    I won’t dunk on a game that I have loved for over 18 years since Sony created a genius development, but they let it go. It takes money and the right backing with marketing and advertising. They actually did have the right idea with Arena, but it was poorly implemented and instead Modern Warfare which is the same thing took the crown.

    They can’t solve the ultimate riddle, no player likes being spawn camped, persistent bugs that never get addressed and more fuel to the fire keeps being added with Bastion Carriers, Orbital Strikes and large zerg outfits. Over saturated fights where you sit in the tubes and weapons and vehicle way out of whack with there TTK roles, stuff that just makes zero sense with air domination, sniping CQC, designated roles for weapons AA/AV that can’t excel at what you equip them for, I can just keep going on and on.

    The essence of the game is in the solo player and customization. Rewarding oversized outfits that camp is not in the true spirit of Planetside. In the bigger scheme of things, the game engine is just to old compared to newer emerging technology.
  2. csvfr

    I don't /didn't think they had the right idea with arena, and had a negative sentiment towards it from the day it was announced. Essentially it is the antithesis of the current planetside in terms of gameplay rules. This makes it unappealing to the playerbase.

    Some contrasting differences:
    • No more non-stop action: In planetside, if you die you can respawn immediately. In arena, if you die you are out of the game for good.
    • No more large scale combat: In planetside, you start in a small area of the map and need to fight in greater parts of it as time progresses. In arena, the playable area decreases with time.
    • No more character progression: In planetside, you own the weapons and attachments you buy. In arena you will need to loot for them anew for every battle royale round. (Also I think this is one of the most boring elements of other battle royale games)
    • No combined arms: Planetside arena was essentially an infantry game IIRC, a planetside without air and vehicle columns, PMBs etc. just becomes too dull.
    • No warfare strategy: In planetside, each of the three factions competes for victory. In arena it is all about survival.
    • Cheaters dominate the game: In arena, as in other battle royale games, the players with hacks get to win as per the game objectives. In planetside a single cheater does not have that much of an impact on the goal of capturing bases.
    This is by no means a complete list just some points that come to mind. If you love planetside, but would be satisfied with a battle royale, what is it about it that you like?
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  3. OneShadowWarrior

    The second paragraph summarizes it. Anyway off to other games. For the record, since Rogue Planet took over, I haven’t spent a single dime....

    Nuff said.
  4. Blam320

    Implying that you were still spending money when DBG took over and implemented the Combined Arms update. Which is the single most controversial update to this day.

    I think what RPG needs to focus on moving forward is changing the flow of battle and how the game handles objectives so players aren't rewarded for zerging or steamrolling a lattice.
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  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Arena was Battle Royale. It had about as much in common with PS2 as McDonald's has with Black Angus. It was rightly criticized from Day 1, pursued against the wishes of the greater community, and predictably failed. Chasing the FOTM at the expense of your core audience is a losing game. Warzone has succeeded for all the reasons Arena failed.

    Pet peeves Arena would have solved like using amputation to fix a broken leg.

    This is laughably backwards, sorry. How little impact the individual has on the grand scheme of things has been at the front and center of this game since the first trailer. The solo player is the essence of something like Halo or COD where there are less players in a lobby than we have in this game inside a building.
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  6. Lausk

    This game is so amazing because the focus is NOT on the single player. Yes, you can do things solo that can make or break a battle (place a great sundy/router, back-cap, or generally be a menace to the enemy team). But that's not what the game is about. If that's what you're wanting, you need to look somewhere else. This is a team game, at its best- a platoon game.

    Being an NSO, I am on my own little island A LOT, and I still rave about this game in its current state. I've been a bit irritated with it in the past, but IMO it appears to be on a great trajectory, and as I've gotten better at shooters, the game has repaid me in kind.

    For a large game admittedly Planetside isn't for everyone, but it feel it does a great job of filtering out some of the most toxic people you see on shooters these days. That's a VERY GOOD THING!
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  7. MagnusLee

    This game is definitely not about the single player. Sure, you absolutely can make a difference by doing some great heroics, but it's a drop in the bucket. This is a team game, has been since it was Planetside 1, it will always be a team game and anything you can do to help the team the better things are. It's the reason I play so much is the people I play with, I played solo for years with PS2, and I was definitely an off and on again player. Now I'm part of a very active outfit and it makes all the difference.
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  8. iller

    If you're talking about the Current one everyone is playing, then you're referring of course to the MOST important thing an Online semi competitive game can have:
    Built in E.L.O. (rating)
    Cruddy players just queue back in instantly and have a much greater chance of matching up against other cruddy players.
    God Tiers meanwhile just keep fighting eachother for the Chicken Dinners
    The problem was that John Smed and Higby never recognized this key element of "MATCH MAKING" to actually grow the newer player base and protect them from becoming TOO frustrated and hopeless until they got GUD and could at least reach the point that they were observing what the God tiers were doing to win every time.

    When it comes to a game with this one's mechanics, obviously that's not nearly as simple as just letting the players natually Segregate themselves. But it's not impossible either if you're willing to fiddle with the control nobs of their base (& head crit) resistance values a little in accordance to how little territory each faction may have or what the accuracy rate and KPM is of the guys who are instagibbing all them newbs. (If recognizing which players were just meat shields, and which were the real threats MATTERERED more in every engagement, then reconnaissance roles and communication would be even more important than exploiting the netcode and glitching out hitboxes)
    At the very least, they could have structured the TTK a little more like Quake and Halo since the Servers and Netcode were NOT ever going to be as responsive as a Valve or Activision shooter set in a much smaller sized Arena
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  9. OneShadowWarrior

    They’ve forced the hand of joining bigger outfits or else.

    This leaves zero room for small squads or new soloists to flourish. Big mistake, but I don’t have to justify it, the population numbers dropping down tell the tale.
  10. Twin Suns

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they make it mandatory to be a paid member just to be able to join a Outfit. In you're heart of hearts, you know DBG wants to do it.

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