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  1. OrbitalManatee

    It's good to get some more opinion/fact on my problem, thanks a ton! I think I've been swayed to go out and find some more RAM. If all else fails, I'll just save up for a top end computer for the future so I can play Planetside and all games out now or coming out later without worry of constant updates on this one.

    Thanks to anyone who helped me with this. This was my last resort to find answers and this was perfect.
  2. MorteDeAmgelis

    I run almost Identical Specs to you (no joke)

    i5 - 2500k (No OC)

    The only thing I have in my PC is 16GB of RAM and I get 25 - 30fps on almost max settings in most fights. Drop down to about 20ish in very very heavy fighting. Enough to know what I'm doing but just a little slow to react. (I'll upload my settings for you when I get back on my home PC) so you can see what I run.

    But otherwise I would agree with almost everyone here. Get more RAM =P
  3. OrbitalManatee

    That's amazingly lucky to have someone with close specs to compare with! Thanks for your input, I would love to see your settings when you get the chance.

    If I wasn't already sold on more RAM, this outta do it.
  4. Paqu

    Little tip when you go buy RAM. If you now have two 2 gibabyte sticks on your computer and you want to buy another two sticks of same size to get to 8 gigabytes, make sure to buy same type of memory to avoid compatibility problems.

    If you order more online, pull one stick out and look at its specs or take it with you on a computer store so they can sell the correct ones.

    Also make sure your motherboard has four slots for the memory. If there is only two slots then you need to buy 2 x 4 gigabyte sticks.
  5. Bankrotas

    It's difference of max 60 droping to 15s and fully used RAM memory on 64 bit OS and 120 droping down to 40 in large battles.
    If you have 4 gigs or RAM, PS2 can bottleneck it quite easy.
  6. kadney

    If you can, read how-to's about overclocking and try to get the most out of your 2500k. Why would you buy a k-CPU anyways when you don't even overclock it? Try pushing that baby beyond 4.5 GHz.
  7. Jerox

    If I were you I would get more RAM. Something like 8gb is always enough for any game.
    I'm not sure about the gpu though. I would upgrade it anyway because it's too old for my taste, but I don't know if it would be much of a deal for PS2 (given that it might be more cpu reliant).
  8. Gisgo

    If i had your comp i would do two things:
    - bring your CPU (its still a good cpu for gaming) at 4.00ghz
    - bring your RAM to 8g (that will let you play the game with ultra TEXTURES and no hiccups)

    You might replace your GPU but i dont think it really is needed.
  9. Tyrant103

    Low particles make tracers hard to see, I would suggest upping it.

    And as said upgrading your RAM by 4gb will do you some good.

    Your GPU is the the odd one out compared to your CPU which is great.
  10. IamDH

    Turn down render distance. 4000 is way too much
  11. Cyridius

    4GB is not enough for good performance. You can play alright, but I would strongly recommend upgrading to 8GB.

    Your 560Ti is old, but should definitely be able to run it. At max resolution? Iffy, but if you fix your RAM problem you'll get around 40FPS in particularly large fights and 60+ otherwise.

    Everything else is solid.

    For most of your game you wont need a Render distance greater than 1000, and that will lower the demand on your specs quite a bit.
  12. Crashsplash

    RAM will help, I recall something from cyclesmchertz from beta who said that (from memory) that 6 gig is about the sweet spot for the game which in reality means 8gb ram is the minimum. With 4Gb you'll be risking swapping occurring.

    The graphics card isn't a bad one, I used that model for a long time and I could get fps of over 100 in empty areas and good performance in all but the heaviest of fights.

    But as we always say, the game is processor intensive.
  13. Ghaleo

    I'm running a 2500k@4.7 with 2 GTX 670 in sli on mine. Running it on ultra yields 60+ most of the time, with the ocassional drops to 40+ when there are a ton of explosions. However at one point I was experiencing stuttering as well and fps drops. At the time it was because I had the game set to limit fps to 60. I turned that off and the problem went away. Granted I get some tearing sometimes when flying but I'd rather have that instead of frame drops.

    I turned off smoothing as soon as it got implemented so I don't know if it actually does any better at correcting the fps problem.
  14. maudibe

    The planetside game requires a great CPU and graphics cards dont matter as much. Hit ALT+F and your FPS will show in lower left corner and it will indicate whether its low due to CPU or GPU.
    Do a search for "how to increase FPS in planetside 2" and get cites like:


    I can tell you, you will get better frame rates following the steps outlined. You can look into overclocking your CPU. My Amd 1045 Phenom 2 went from stock 2.7ghz to 3.6 ghz and is quite stable. With the addition of a Coolmaster CPU fan cooler ($25 @ amazon) my system never runs over 30 deg.Celsius (max is 85 on this CPU). So do more research. Also the system will run better on ultra than lowered settings which is counterintitive and different from most games.
  15. OrbitalManatee

    Thanks. Overclocking is something I considered crazy and for only the people with a high amount of computer knowledge (mostly because I had no idea what it is or meant :D), but I'll look into it. However, I don't really know about the heat it may produce, since I don't exactly have the money or know how to install better cooling in my computer. More googling is in my future.

    So far killing the shadows,render quality and distance in my game have helped a ton while my computer is in its gimped RAM state, so at least I can play the game without completely constant spikes :D
  16. SuperMedicated

    it's not really your cpu, the game itself is very poorly optimized for all cpus, your cpu is very good the game just sucks at using it
  17. MorteDeAmgelis

    Here's my settings for the Game


    I don't have anything special OCed or anything other then more RAM. Not sure how much it will affect it but best of luck =]
  18. Camycamera

    consider getting more RAM OP, get 4 more GBs and you should be fine :D

    right now RAM is your bottleneck, so put it in a mixture of low to medium graphics.
  19. OrbitalManatee

    Thanks! I'll try it out!
    Definitely, been trying to figure out the kind of RAM I would need for my computer, then if I can save up the money that'll be the thing I invest in. Though I hear ram is going for cheaper now, so most likely won't be a big deal hopefully :D

    Also checked that I have 2 more slots for ram so two easy sticks of 2gb should be suffice! I'll just have to live with lower graphics for a bit.
  20. Camycamera

    first off, check what type of RAM you have now. then get 4 more GB of the same RAM.