Losing alerts via extreme tunnel vision

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nuggz, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Nuggz

    Alert: Large Facility, 1/12/19 around 1-2pm PST...

    About 70-80% of NC faction just sits on Hayd skydock with ZERO chance of capping it for 20+ minutes at the end of the alert while TR takes a VS facility and then one of ours... all while the oblivious folks at Hayd ignore the map and just blindly push for a base they'll never cap.

    Losing because we were bested sux but it's just life... Losing because a large % of your team's pop is too stupid to look at the map and realize what they're doing is CAUSING their team to lose is just the worst... If you can't pull your head out long enough to actually look at the map and go to places where you're actually USEFUL then DON'T LEAD SQUADS pls. Your intentional stupidity is just bringing your team down.
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  2. FateJH

    It's not tunnel-vision; it's called "having fun." Often, "not playing the alert" too.

    Now if they say they are playing the alert, then it's different.
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  3. Redoubt

    yeah, as long as you're having fun its all worth it. people just want to fire guns.
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  4. Vanguard540

    I really like the alert gameplay. It's dynamic and it's rewarding surprise raids of small teams, being mobile and blitzkrieg. The more the teams the better. VS cobalt has been winning a lot recently, from a few %. It's a race, rewarding mobility and coordination. You can regroup to hold a zerg and scatter to get more territories when the zerg is stopped. The impact you have by leading a few friends is amazing. Sometimes you lose but if you did your part it's fine. It's fun and dynamic.

    If you think the whole team is doing something stupid create initiatives yourself on other parts of the map. Sometimes battles are lost because of a fistful of soldiers suddenly dropping somewhere. Lead people, don't follow stupid zergs and you should win more often.
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  5. Jingstealer

    If you like this, you would have loved PS1. In terms of gameplay mechanics, PS2 is nothing compared to PS1. Nothing.
  6. Zizoubaba

    what he said ^

    (that's the second thread today I see on this subject)

    For reasons that have nothing to do with blaming anyone at all (except the devs who made the content of course) there is much higher percentage (that's my personal view, I don't have access to any kind of percentage statistics) of players who couldn't care less about the ALERTS.

    This makes it real tough for those who do try to win, since (half?) their team isn't even playing.
  7. Armcross

    Hey, you guys(NC) got your Skydock we(TR) got our Crown.
  8. strikearrow

    The rewards for playing the alert are just too low to leave a good fight. In fact, the rewards for continually playing in a big fight are better than winning an alert. DBG obviously wants big fights more than alert participation.
  9. Vanguard540

    This is not how you win secret weapons and cosmetics.
  10. ElBloodyNine

    well if its one of the small alerts (large facility, amp/tech/bio) the rewards for winning it are a joke. i dont even talk about the air anomaly .... more rewarding would be good

    so i do agree that on thecontinet locks there are at least way more people trying to win (on miller)
  11. Gen.Drake61

    Yeah,i know its frustrating when your faction is all over the place,ever since the game started crashing via the horrible memory leak that im assuming hasnt been fixed because they have to apply dx11/12 first in order to fix it(I'm a ps4 gamer),people on the tr side either get extremely frustrated when it crashes and either don't log back in which makes it harder to win and have fun,one of my squad mates didn't believe me when i said the game used to have 1000+ players that logged in everyday but dropped drastically to less than 300 (average) when memory leak started to happen,ive also noticed that when you start lagging because you are are about to crash but either it doesn't for whatever reason until you log out or it does eventually,its nearly impossible to kill,and everybody seems so overpowered that its not funny(if it doesn't crash and stays open,but either noticeably or not noticeably you can seem op to the enemies, and that it seem to normally only crash at peak times,when theres a lot more players on,theres justso many issues with the game that we lost a lot of our playerbase,i hope that once its fixed we can finally start getting our player base back.
  12. Towie

    The idealistic view of alerts is that all factions have a chance - that the largest faction gets double-teamed enough (but not too much) to allow good fights on all sides, that eventually after an excruciatingly long 1.5 hours one team just pips the others to the post and everyone is happy(ish).

    That does happen but it's rare. More often it's one faction double-teamed to oblivion.

    It may be possible to provide enough incentives and disincentives to encourage the 'preferred' behavior - but PS2 has so little that people just do what the hell they want to do. The human bestial instinct kicks in and 'having fun' is often at the expense of others.
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