Loosing loadout setup

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by pizo1, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. pizo1

    Here is the deal,every time i load game i loose my main loadout on guns.It considers Engie and LA.Always goes od default loadout.So if i put T% on my loadout on engie as primary i restar game and after i go back in it goes to Tarc with no attachments.
  2. Ninave

    Have you, in the past, bought an advanced attachment (grip, laser) for your gun? The refunded those as they combined them with the normal and locked them again (no "claim" in the notifications, just a sudden silent cert refund). Now, if on some loadout you have not removed or rebought that attachment for your gun (as it automatically did not unattach and it hasn't been working even if it looks to still being there), you'll be experiencing loadout resets to default.

    So, check through your engy and LA loudouts and remove the advanced attachments from the guns or re-buy them to have them work again.
  3. pizo1

    Thx Ninave ill try that.........
  4. pizo1

    Ninave thx mate it solved my problem :)