Looks like everybody is an Infiltrator now...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Arbitrator, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Arbitrator

    I exaggerate of course but in beta I could count the number of snipers Infiltrators I ran into on one hand. Now that the floodgates are open I can't take two steps without tripping over one.
  2. Bags

    Most of them suck in my experience, easy XP!

    Annoying though.
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  3. m44v

    give them some time and they will all switch to the doitall HA
  4. Deathbane

    LA man is where its going to be D:

    Imagine what its going to be like in a weeks time when everyones unlocked c4.

    The tank driver in me shudders at the thought
  5. Helwyr

    I agree seeing a lot more than I did on beta, the irony of course being that in beta I was an Infiltrator most of the time, now I'm playing a medic.. will switch back once I've accumulated lots of cert points ;)
  6. Vepo

    Bags is right, there are a lot who don't know what to do at the moment, so they will finally see they aren't good enough and then go to another class. It's going to balance out soon, so don't worry!
  7. Kalocin

    I think a lot of people want to be infs because they can avoid dying a lot while also getting an idea of the game. I did that as well during the beta but eventually just stuck with the infiltrator because it fit my play style. =P

    I noticed this as well while I was playing yesterday. There were a ton more infiltrators running around on all sides of the battlefield but they were less than intelligent. I had some idiot squat down beside my perch over looking a canyon where I was stealthily picking off unsuspecting NC and they proceeded to open up with their fully auto sniper, miss every shot, and draw attention to my location and get me killed. :/ Many times I had the TR or NC snipers taking 3+ shots to try kill me when I was pretty stationary.

    I think people just figure it's a big gun and they feel powerful with it. Most games the sniper rifle is the noob cannon but they generally have different mechanics than this does. I played infiltrator all through beta with the stock VS rifle until the bolt action was unlocked. First purchase I made on launch was the V10 bolt action. I'll never look back.
  9. Mightyhalo

    Yeah I noticed mostly medics last night which I assume must mean they rack up cert points. I still play sniper almost exclusively.

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