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Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by xChriisXx, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. xChriisXx

    I'm looking to join a decent group of people to play with. I'm into tactical and pretty decent at the game. It was the first PC game I ever played when I got my gaming computer, so while I was getting the hang of it I permanently ruined my KD but have gotten much better as of late. I normally play as Light Assault or Infiltrator, and while my KD is garbage, I would say that if I started fresh today, it would be around 2.0.
  2. Trudeus

    Sounds like CSTB is right up your alley. We focus on teamwork and coordination to best the VS and TR, emphasizing squad combat over zerging objectives. Point holdouts, AA batteries, AV batteries, MAX crashs, Biolab smokeouts, and a trained Air Brigade are all tactics we use to cause as much damage as possible. We have scrimmages every Friday and Joint Ops with two other NC outfits every Saturday. If this sounds like something you want in on, here's out site: http://ncsandtb.enjin.com/
  3. 5ou1

    ^^^ Trudeus and his guys would definitely be a good outfit to join up with.
  4. corruptmagician

    Well, The Bastards are very competitive, Come join us for our weekly sessions on wendesdays and saturdays at 6.30pm PST. Sign up at www.thebastards-clan.com. Tell em' Corrupt sent ya.
  5. Brasidas