Looking to gauge interest in forming an NC outfit for Briggs.

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by BluescalesNZ, May 6, 2016.

  1. BluescalesNZ

    Hi all, I've recently return from a long enforced hiatus from Planetside 2, and my initial impressions are that the NC still seem to seriously lack organization and leadership in comparison to our opposition. I'm considering forming an outfit to try and address this issue, and I'd like to get an idea of how many fellow NC players would be interested in joining up, with the aim being to create an outfit that can function as a cohesive combined arms force capable of employing sound tactics to attain victory on the battlefield of Auraxis.

    Please let me know, via private message or in this thread, if you would be interested.

  2. BluescalesNZ

    Come on, there's got to be someone else out there in the ranks of Briggs NC that wants to try and give the fascists and spandex wearing loonies a good run for their money.
  3. ChillyPhilly27

    The question I would ask is what niche you're aiming to fill. Because the field is fairly saturated with experienced outfits that already fill most aspects of the game. RSNC's the resident elitefit, with ISNC coming up second, A-cheese7 doing the scatmax pointholds, ZE7A tactically herding pubs, ISIB zerging with pubs, and R18 doing organized zerging with pubs and extra cheese. Throw in a few Germans and a couple of friendfits, and you've got Briggs NC.

    The issue that you're seeing is nothing more than people burning out of the territory meta. There's a significant portion of the server's vets (myself included) that simply don't care about what colour the map is anymore, instead opting to dick around in ts with friends while casually farming.

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