Looking for Valkyrie Pilots/Gunners

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Klabauter8, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Klabauter8

    I hardly can find people who understand how to gun in the Valkyrie. They mostly make mistakes like not paying attention to the front (aiming on different things than the pilot), shooting too early although the weapon has no reach and we try to sneak up on the enemy, shooting too late when you do a surprise attack, or focusing on the wrong targets with the wrong weapons.

    If you have some basic understanding of how this vehicle works, and are willing to communicate to get better, then please let me know and I will add you to my friendslist. Pilots-only are welcome too of course.
  2. ValorousBob

    There's a guy from RPS named GornnCaptain or something that loves Valks, try getting in touch with him.
  3. Klabauter8

    I tried adding this name but it didn't exist in the playerbase.

    Still searching for gunners/pilots/rumble seat passengers, but I guess the Valk will just be forever unplayable to me, it seems...
  4. Enginearly

    I like the valkyrie but im having a hard time finding ppl to play with that stick to the aircraft,
    most people bail out at the first sign of flak fire ;x
  5. Klabauter8

    Yea, I know this. The problem with the Valkyrie is really that you need a whole dedicated crew for it. Not just one dedicated gunner (as if this wouldn't be already enough), but even a whole crew. It's really hard finding so many people.
  6. Enginearly

    You can add my VS toon, I think its called macpanjer (been awhile). or ill add you when I play again. would be nice to get the most out of the Valkyrie. I love the way it flies :D
  7. Klabauter8

    Bump. Still can't find a single valkyrie pilot. They either don't exist, or won't let me gun. So much for teamplay in this game...