Looking for Squad on VANU, just to have fun (PST mainly, others welcome)

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Outfit Recruitment' started by BjornUlfr07, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. BjornUlfr07

    I'm just looking for people to squad up with & have fun in Planetside PS4. I find myself getting bored a lot playing on my own and it's more fun in a team. Hit me up on PSN-- EXOJosh45 -- if you're interested. Im pretty good at pretty much every class, am BR 21, but mainly play for fun... on top of that, i CAN play the game MilSim if interested, ive led a good large Outfit on PC Emerald. But yeah, if youre interested in just meeting a new friend to squad up with, then come along. Mic preferred but its no huge deal if you dont have one, long as you can text fast to communicate i guess lol. Regardless, PS2 is more fun with a squad of friends so ill be waiting & searching to meet new friends to hang with. English is mainly preferred, however. I can speak spanish good, but not perfect.