Looking for specific [TR] Outfit

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Jin Shepard, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Jin Shepard


    I am looking for a outfit that is not only organized but aren't the typical 'zerg' outfit, in other words a outfit that fights big fights and tries out tactics, does not avoid enemy zergs and if possible fights them frequently. Does not only do infantry but vehicle as-well.

    Small or big, doesn't matter, quality over quantity in the outfit. As long as it is active, has some kind of communication going.

    About me? Played in the Beta, playing anything or any class or vehicle, depends what is needed, mature, friendly, will follow orders and if needed offer strategies. I am NOT a mindless xp grinding bot.
  2. Jin Shepard

    Hmm either my post is badly spelled, wrong sentences but, are there really only zerging outfits on Miller???
  3. Lightwolf

    You're looking for a large outfit... that is organized on a small scale.
    Bub, you're out of luck on most every server. That level of organization is difficult since it is hard as all hell to assign specific, long term roles to people that can just log off.

    Your best bet is to move to Mattherson and join the Enclave if you want something big.
  4. Jin Shepard

    Hmm, I guess my sentence is wrong then because I thought I said, small or big doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't do zerg tactics, and likes to engage 'hard' target areas with the means of strategy and teamplay. I cant move either because I put money into this character on this server.
  5. Mutant

    You are welcome to play with the Blood Legion.


    Join us on teamspeak and see if it is your sort of thing.