Looking For Recruits - Calamity Ravens Corps [PC] [EU] [NA]

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  1. Joiple

    The CRC has and always will strive to enjoy Video Games to the fullest and to have a laugh while doing so. No one will criticise you for not being a great shot or not being a high rank in a game because we value and focus on improvement of our members rather than having "natural talent". The games we currently host within the community are as follows: Planeside 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Foxhole, Project Reality and more in the works.

    Our main goal is to provide a community of great atmosphere and real, genuine companionship and comradeship between each and every member whilst still retaining our competitiveness and drive to win, we greatly appreciate the level of effort and teamwork displayed by our members and how its allowed our community to grow into an almost "family-like" relationship. In games we provide well organised structures to ensure the highest quality of teamplay, gameplay but also E-Sport teams to compete on high level competition of gaming and support for our Members in need.

    Naturally, we do not tolerate toxicity from members or between members for various reasons and therefore take measures to ensure we sift out those who don't seem to play by those rules. So far these methods have worked and have kept the CRC relatively clean and toxicity-free so theres no need to worry about that.

    We offer opportunity for improvement between players and most in the community are willing to help in the most supportive, constructive ways possible. And even more so now with the addition of coaches and willing staff members being encouraged to join into the fray and help the community improve more and more each day.

    Furthermore, our fairly new inclusion of E-Sports teams also encourages any who wish to put themselves to the test in some of the games we have teams for (Currently only Rainbow Six Siege). Our comrades on our E-Sports scene work tooth and nail to achieve victory with constantly improving teamwork and communication between players to the point that we are currently in the works to gain a sponsor for our R6S E-Sports scene.

    Basic Requirements are as follows
    Have a Mic.
    Team and Squad Play oriented mindset.
    Capability to put your Team above your KD.
    Be able to let go off your Ego so one can see the bigger picture.
    Be able to maintain as well as support a healthy, non-toxic community.
    If at all interested, please use the link provided below which will take you to our guilded page for you to go through our application process.

    P.S. If you have any concerns or ways to improve this post in any way, feel free to DM me regarding these