Looking For Recruits - Calamity Ravens Corps (PC) (EU) (NA) (NEW CONGLOMORATE)

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  1. Joiple

    Here in the CRC we are looking for new players and veterans alike to join our ranks, to expand our ever-growing community of like-minded, competitive players in order to have fun whilst still retaining an element of improvement between ourselves. We host tournaments as well as scrims and practice matches on a decent basis as we also cater to other games such as Rocket League, Foxhole and Planetside 2 of which we have active members playing and are almost always willing to fill a role to get you one step closer to victory.
    While our requirements are quite simple and straightforward, our expectations in how we expect each other in the Corps to behave and act are rather expansive, which can be all found and seen on our Guilded Page. You can also find a lot more about who and what CRC is, besides our weeks which are always packed full of Events and Ops. https://www.guilded.gg/Corps
    To join Calamity Ravens Corps you Apply to us trough the link. If you encounter any issues feel free to DM me.
    Basic Requirements are:
    Have a Mic.
    Team and Squad Play oriented mindset.
    Capability to put your Team above your KD.
    Be able to let go off your Ego so one can see the bigger picture.
    Be able to maintain aswell as support a healthy, non-toxic community
    (Discord provides our VOIP, while Guilded is our Management department, your Discord works on Guilded as well)
    See you there Comrades!
    P.S Let me know how to improve this application post