Looking for new recruit to the Warrior Knights

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by ferelferret, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Bindlestiff

    Is that you?
  2. Bindlestiff

    If you are going to look me up, it is Bindlestiff, not:

    Bindlesitff (as Custard has said)

    Nor is it:

    Blindstuff (although the way I shoot that is fairly accurate!)
    Blindstiff (getting a complex about people calling out my inability to shoot!)

    I get called some pretty funky things on Squad / Platoon chat, let me tell you :)

    For comms, TS is a hoot but as Custard said, leave your sanity at the door. Everything else is fair game :). Hope to see you soon in game and we can go shoot us some NC and TR!
  3. Tiedemann

    Hehe, nope. I have no idea why I find that nick kinda funny but I'll never forget it.

    I got a lvl 5 TR thingy on Woodman and that's all. I don't like lasers and I don't like the thought of fighting "friends" on the same server.
  4. Bindlestiff

    I see :). I thought we may have converted you!

    We've done a similar thing by going NC on Mattherson, it just doesn't feel right shooting fellow Vanu on Cobalt.
  5. ferelferret

    You mean my personal favourite

    Mr Stiffy :)
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  6. RedGreenGeek

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  7. Alge

  8. Bindlestiff

    Still looking guys - CptCustard is rarely playing again so hit up either Shootysmurf, Bindlestiff or Elastaplast in game or on here if you are interested.

    Whether it is a small squad running disruption tactics, or leading a platoon, we can make the most of what we are handed. Come and find out for yourself!
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  9. Bindlestiff

    We've run a couple of successful squads in the past few weeks with a mixture of members and randoms, and I'd hope that anyone who has been part of them has found them to be entertaining and full of interesting battles. I keep seeing a lot of familiar faces, so I'd like to think we are doing something right.

    We want to translate that into members though; a purge yesterday has seen our roster drop from 60+ to just 17, with only at most 6 really active. We aren't looking for many recruits, just enough to fill (as near as makes no difference) a squad, as we want to keep the community feel and not be so large that nobody really knows who is who.

    Want to give us a try? Speak to me / Shootysmurf or Elastaplast in game.
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  10. TheJamoo

    Yeah I have joined a couple of your squads and they have been... interesting shall we say ;). These guys are a great bunch and while not being very big with their mighty 6 active players, good times can still be had. I really recommend these chaps to anyone looking to join an easy going community.
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  11. ElastaPlast

    Got a couple of new members recently so we are kind of going through a bit of in game hand holding. If you are new and need a bit of help, but don't really want to be too regimented then come give us a try. We are always on TS and you are welcome to join us.
    Whats the worst that can happen? We'll ruin your outlook on playing VS and you'll have to roll a TR or NC toon. Oh wait.... ;)
  12. dogster507

    I'd strongly recommend this outfit for anyone looking for a tight knit small squad environment. This is a lovable bunch and I know no-one who has any problem with them.
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  13. Ribero

    My only problem with [WKOV] was that I didn't see them around enough ):
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  14. ElastaPlast

    You can almost guarantee that BindleCheese and ShootBrieSmurf are on every evening, with a smattering of others on various evenings. Come and join us in game and on TS as there's always laughs and banter to be had (and sometimes good fights too ;) ).
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  15. ElastaPlast

    If you want chipmunks killing, swearing and drinking then this is the place for you!
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  16. Tiedemann

    I guess you guys are the ones they have in mind then:
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  17. Bindlestiff

    I read that as "Includes online features that may expose players to unrelated user-generated content". I think both my version and the real version apply.
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  18. ElastaPlast

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  19. Bindlestiff

    Sadly despite our best efforts, the appeal of our small but functional and fun outfit just doesn't seem to be there for whatever reason. We've relied heavily on new recruits coming into the game, but with the likes of Trident offering strength in numbers that we simply cannot match, these recruits have never joined our ranks.

    I think the days of WKV in Planetside 2 are numbered, and although some of us will continue to play, it will almost certainly be under different tags.

    Recruitment is closed for us folks.
  20. Ribero

    Sad times :c

    But who knows, maybe after the merger some fresh Ceres faces may want to apply.