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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Aumin, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Aumin

    I am wanting to create 2 different options. The first is for long range sniping while the sec one is more for infiltrating bases.

    I started beta a bit late in the game and never got to try all of the weapons, so my question is this:

    As an NC, which weapons are the best (in your opinion) for these two choices.
    I figure a sniper rifle for the long range and a scout rifle for the infiltrating, but never got to try a scout rifle.

    Thank you again for any advice you give!
  2. Rune

    You have an automatic and a semi automatic scout rifle. I found the semi auto one to be better in close combat, but the automatic to be ALOT better in mid range. The Semi auto has the added benefit of kicking *** in long range combat aswell tho.

    Personally im getting both scout rifles
  3. blzbug

    Is the semi-auto "fire as fast as you can click"? Or is there a delay between shots?
    Without headshots, how many rounds on the semi-auto do you think it takes to kill someone at point blank range?
  4. Rune

    I found the semi auto to be almost excactly like shotguns with slugs if you ever got to try those. i think 4 / 5 bodyshots. Not as fast as you can click, but still pretty fast. Its hard to describe i guess.
  5. blzbug

    Apparently SOE did get the "try before you buy" installed. 30 minute trial with some sort of 8 hour cooldown. That makes me feel much better. I can at least try out both versions before spending cash or time(certs) on them.
  6. Twign

    Is the bolt driver still a good rifle compared to the rest or should I get a different one for long range work as soon as I get the cert points?

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