Looking for an outfit that better fits my play style.

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  1. Cody Sheffield

    Hello everyone. First off, let me say I am currently in an outfit, but to be blunt (and I hope they'll understand this) they simply do not fit my play style. I'm also a member of the 666th Devil Dogs on the NC side (although less active as its an alt) and what they offer as an outfit is quite simple SUPERB. It's just too bad that I don't main NC. If your reading this and do play NC, and your looking for an outfit however, I'd suggest you check them out. Can't be beat.

    So what I'm looking for is a rough equivalent of what the Devil Dogs offer, but for the TR side. Before any crazy words get thrown around, let me clarify that I'm well aware that this doesn't exist. But I'm referring to certain characteristics. I wouldn't mind an outfit that offers training and courses to help better it's members, and if nothing else, to bring fresh and new ideas to their game play. I'm looking for an outfit with organized divisions between infantry, air, armor and perhaps spec ops. I like to specialize. But most importantly, I'm looking for an outfit that is active in all these things. As it is right now, I'm having a horrible time rolling armor, while EVERYONE else is redeploying left and right hitting this base, then that base, all of it on foot. It completely takes the usefulness and tactics of everything but the sunderer and tosses it aside. This is just the majority of the time though, I admit.

    A little about myself, right now I'm a full time student and father and I usually have ample time to play. As a result, I'm very active. I've been playing for about a month now (a little late to the party), but having a background in FPS gaming, I'm no stranger to the scene. As of the time of this writing, I'm BR 31 with a K/D of 1.74. I'm usually very laid back and relaxed, and chill often. However, during ops I prefer things to remain on subject and on the matter at hand. It frustrates me to no end when I'm trying to communicate valuable time-sensitive intellegence, but can't do so because everyone on comms is talking about how awesome their dog is or how drunk they are. Now I do love to shoot the ****, but that's for outside of ops in my opinion. I also like to goof around once in a while, load up some harassers and... harass. Or get a few infiltrators together and wreck havoc deep behind enemy lines, especially when the sun goes down. I've invested quite a bit into my gear, and plan to continue to do so.

    Anyways, EXE and TXR are on my radar right now but one seems flooded while the other seems hush and quiet except for certain times, and I haven't had the chance to speak to their leaders to get more information about the outfit (it's always an impersonal application process these days). If from reading the above, you think your outfit would suit me well, please don't hesitate to post here or add me to friends and contact me in game (would like this one) so we can talk more specifically about the outfit. I'm aware that what I look for is very specific, and it may be that a TR outfit like this doesn't exist on Connery yet, but I at least have to try right? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Edit: Oh yes, my in game name is "CodySheffield" by the way.
  2. Blarg20011

    I can personally recommend EXE. Check out our website and/or talk to any member in game to learn more and get an invite. I can also give the IGN's of some of the leadership if you have specific questions.
  3. Cody Sheffield

    Thanks Blarg, I'd really like to talk to one of them if possible to get more information.
  4. OdinsPride

    What you are looking for likely requires a large outfit to fill out the manpower necessary to run all the combined arms tactics that you are looking for all in one place. There are only 2 outfits on TR Connery that have more than 500 people, and you are already part of one of them. The TR on Connery tend to be more specialized and small to midsized in members (50-200).
    What is hard to do is get hundreds of guys in an outfit, and still maintain the discipline that it sounds like you are interested in as well. With super large outfits, you are going to run the whole range of players. The skilled, the serious, the bad, the young, the idiots, the drunks, etc.

    So if you find a smaller outfit that has the discipline and skill that you are looking for, you may have to give up the combined arms. If you find an outfit that has the player base to support such tactics, you may have to settle for something less than the tactical and disciplined gameplay that you are interested in. You may have to find a niche within those large outfits to make it work.

    That being said, I am the co founder of The Dread Legion. We are not a large outfit by your standards but we DO have the discipline and tactical gameplay that you are looking for. In Spades. We may not do much in simultaneous combined arms (we tend to do it one at a time lol), rather we are well respected within the TR Connery community and have close working relations with many other outfits that can provide support when necessary. We are rolling out a new training regime for our members and are always looking to better ourselves and the faction as a whole.

    TXR and EXE are both fine outfits. I can vouch for both of their high commanders. We have worked with most if not all of the more visible outfits on the server and both have done the TR proud on many occasions. Just be aware that no outfit is perfect...

    If you would like a rundown on outfits on TR Connery hit me up in game. I've spent entirely too much time on Auraxis and should be able to give you a relatively unbiased opinion :)
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  5. NantucketSteele

    You won't find anything like 666 within TR. Whether or not that is a good thing is a question I'll leave other people to answer, and how lacking our outfits may be for it is a question I'll leave other people to beg.

    What I will say is that there's a bit of a self-fulling prophecy within most outfit leadership wherein they believe that they do not possess the numbers to front a fully combined arms force. If you believe a lie long enough it eventually becomes the truth. That is not to say that other factions are not in possession of bad qualities; merely, to paint with a wide brush, it is to say that TR largely believe that the infantry game is the end-all, be-all, and that everything else is but a disposable vehicle with which to facilitate its success but which can have no success of its own.

    Some outfits specialize in rapid response, others specialize in tight-knit tactics, some in both, still others specialize in offering a home to the hardcore and the casual alike. What is common between them all is that unless they have a champion of a specific division's cause within them, and even then, unless that person is the outfit's leader, the largely libertarian nature of Connery TR's leadership leads to an infantry-first ideology, wherein infantry platoons take the front seat and all other aspects of the game are an afterthought. Should that champion's real life first come calling? Forget it.

    That said:

    TXR have the Prowler Pack.
    TRG have Saber.
    CIK is almost an entire outfit dedicated to using armor. (That's reductio ad absurdum, but I'm sure B-Dog will forgive me.)

    All of them have varying levels of comms and leadership discipline and skill. You'll have to talk to Talron, Sardus and B-Dog to find the right outfit for you. I'll name the leaders because this is a videogame and egos are unimportant (and because it's fun to make people squirm!).

    I can't vouch for EXE. Speak with Southfork1. He leads their air wing, but he seems reputable and will understand your concerns more than ArchCraig would.
  6. Cody Sheffield

    @ Odin, thank you for taking the time to post. I've seen your outfit's advert in here as well and it certainly has my interest. To further clarify, I'm not necessarily looking for big numbers here, but I understand completely what your saying about it being needed for combined arms. What NantucketSteele said above me in his second paragraph is something I see spot on in my current outfit, and I've no doubt it runs through others as well. I just want to be in an outfit that embraces the "larger picture" if you know what I mean, and doesn't discount vehicular warfare or special ops 90%-95% of the time. I do like the sound of "quality over quantity" approach that you say your outfit has, and that is something I prefer indeed. Saying the following in no way is meant to discredit you, but so many others out there claim to be after the same thing, but sooner or later they fill up with kids who can't shut their mouths or take an op seriously. I want to play tactically. I want to be in an outfit that has some focus at least on bettering their skills and uses those tactics effectively, making themselves a force to be reckoned with. All the while not discounting that there is more than one way to approach the problem in game. Anyways, I would definately be interested in hearing from you in game when you and I both have the time and further discussing what your outfit is all about. Thanks again for your post.

    @ NantucketSteele, thank you a lot for your informative post, and very well said at that! I see what your saying in the game 100%, but no one can blame me for being hopeful that there's something more than "just that". I'm sure your right, that there's nothing like the 666th in TR. Now some of (2 that I know of for sure) outfits you listed I know, and one of them I'm already in. Both of them can (and do) claim to have dedicated divisions. But the problem there in lies that none of them are active. It became obsolete, or not worth keeping up on. The leader of that division went off to another game and we never got a replacement... it goes on. EXE is the only outfit I see these days that will run dedicated air or armor op, with uhh... mixed effectiveness (I believe in part due to quantity over quantity, though they do indeed have some skilled players). But they have the numbers for this as described by Odin a post or two up. And I have no idea just how tactical they really can get, or how effective they can be. One enticing aspect of EXE however is the sound of never really being alone. But, I'm looking for more than just numbers, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I don't want to just become "another number". Thank you again for the information, and I'll certainly be keeping the leader names in mind as more information becomes available.
  7. NantucketSteele

    I completely understand where you are coming from, and I hope you understand that I am trying to be incredibly diplomatic in my post. I call many people within TR leadership my friends. I burnt bridges before I realized that this was a systemic problem and not just endemic to one outfit. I want to repair those bridges, because I greatly enjoy playing with all of my friends and, moreover, greatly enjoy the vast majority of TR players.

    Again, that said, the libertarian nature of TR leaders makes bridge-building difficult. EXE runs its own air wing. So does the TTA. For whatever reason, they refuse to combine forces. I have posited, time and again, that they run together. I have met resistance from the TTA at every turn. I understand why I would meet resistance from EXE - I taunted them mercilessly when Helios first merged! - but from my own outfit- and alliances-mates in TTA? It's tribalism at its worst. EXE have the numbers and the chutzpah, but perhaps not the experience, the veteran leaders, and the operational know-how of the TTA. So what would it hurt to let EXE run one of the weekly ops? What would it hurt to join the EXE air wing? Combine forces and learn from one another. This is what makes the ARA and 666 strong, both apart and together: they put a stop to their ******** before it even started. No tribalism, no power struggles.

    This is me venting at this point, but I'm mostly just trying to assure you that, even as a veteran TR player, I understand where you are coming from and sympathize. The TR are imperfect. We excel at things that the NC and VS do not, just as the VS and NC excel at things that we and each other do not. TR leadership's inability to work together, though, makes it the weakest empire of the three, and were it not for the Helios merge and the ensuing Chinese ban, we would be in the bottom of the barrel. The TR's propaganda arm is second to none, however; it is like the Eye of Vichy sometimes!

    I wish you the best of luck in finding the outfit you are looking for. I have friends that play in 666. If that is what you enjoy now you will compromise to play TR. Perhaps you will come to enjoy TR more or the same, but, for now, it will be a compromise.
  8. Blarg20011

    I wouldn't worry about being lost in the numbers in EXE, the truth is, although there are many, many people who are members and participate in ops, the number that are involved in the forums, lead squads/platoons in game, and are actually using the voice chat is probaby in the low hundreds, and the number of really active members and leaders is below 100. I'll PM you the people that can give you the best rundown. Of course, the TTA outfits are also excellent and usually more specialized, so they are always viable options.
  9. Lepalose

    Just for clarity, TTA remains open to working with all outfits, including on the air wing during our operations, and including willingness to work with EXE & their air wing. We've approached EXE a lot in the past, but they decided to go their own route. Hopefully that will change in the future.

    So if you are looking to be a part of a quality over quantity outfit that runs with armour often I would have to recommend either TXR or IRONFIST, or AFX. CIK also runs open squads that make good use of armour, if you ever feel the need, but haven't signed up with an outfit yet. Not sure if their core group runs an armour squad or not.
  10. Cody Sheffield

    @ nantucketStelle, Thanks again, and I appreciate the warm wishes. I can understand your frustration and the need to vent. I'm pretty sure we're not the only one that feel that way.

    @ Blarg, I posted above that I would like to speak to the people your referring to. I hope to get in touch with someone in EXE to learn more. Without directly knowing who's in charge, is very difficult to contact anyone and get information first without actually joining. If you can help me contact someone, I'd really appreciate it.

    @ Lepalose, Thank you for the recommendations. I've actually looked a bit at MERCs as well, and even applied in the past, but I couldn't figure out what the kids say when the giant walking pitcher says (one of the application questions). I used every Kool-aid reference I could, to no avail. I wrote it off as Mercenaries not being interested in new members.
  11. OdinsPride

    Couple things Cody.

    1) I agree that there are many outfits that preach the "quality over quantity" approach. Many just do that because they are small. Once their numbers start to blossom you can see that they stop advertising themselves as such. We are different. You can ask anybody on TR Connery who has worked with us closely. I have to turn away about 2/3 of our applicants due to the fact that they just wouldn't fit with the DL3G mindset. We don't harp on stats, and we don't change who we are to go chase "1337" players. We hold true to our ideals that a squad of well trained and team oriented individuals can hold off the zergfit in today's age of the lattice.
    You will find that we have the capacity to kick back and laugh it up when things are quiet, but when it's time to bring it, every single member at your side is focused and ready to bring the pain. Because we expect nothing less.

    2) Nantucket has been around TR Connery for a long time, and to some extent I have seen instances of what he talks about. But I disagree that we as a server just forget about 2/3 of the metagame just cause we're too cool or whatever reason you'd like to suggest. For our part, DL3G does not have the numbers to run an armor squad and air squad and 2 infantry squads all at once. Our tactics are dictated by the flow of battle. So we pull harassers when it's time to go sundy hunting, we pull skywhales when it's time to pull overwatch duty, and we pull maxes when its time to take a biolab. It doesn't mean that we don't utilize different facets of the game, we just do it when the situation calls for it. And I believe that most outfits have to operate the same way, since like I said before most outfits on TR Connery don't have the playerbase to do it simultaneously.

    3) It is most certainly not impossible to build bridges, despite what others may think or have experienced. All it takes is the will to make it a reality. I have personally made it a priority not only for myself but also for DL3G that we will be an outfit that is willing to do whatever it takes to help the TR succeed. Even if in the short term our outfit may not benefit.
    I could have bashed all the other outfits while touting why DL3G is the one and only choice for a player like you, and you may have joined up. While this may have yielded us a good player, you may not be as happy as you would in a different outfit, and therefore not play as much or switch to making your NC your main. Then the TR just lost a valuable asset. Instead, we pointed out the pros and cons of each decision and each outfit and hopefully you will find a home that will keep you coming back again and again. THAT is how we grow as a faction. One member at a time.
    We work with everyone, and I have impressed it upon each and every one of our recruits that while we may be very objective oriented and highly skilled, that does not make us "better" or "too good" to go and help our allies. People play this game for many reasons, and we understand that. The hope is that next time we call over command chat that DL3G needs a push, the other outfits will remember the time we saved their bacon with a hotdrop onto the point and come to our aid. THIS is how bridges are built, and I don't care what the naysayers preach. It CAN, and IS being done.

    4) If you would ever like to run with us and get a taste of what The Dread Legion can accomplish, hit me up in game and we will invite you into one of our ops. We run every day, but our formal ops are Wed/Fri at 6PST and Open Recruitment Nights Saturday at 8PST. Also you can just message me with any questions you may have about TR Connery as a whole. I may not have been around since beta like some players, but I haven't been around long enough to lose perspective either. So it's a wash :)

    I know that's a lot to digest, but you seem to have hit on a few great points about TR Connery as a whole, and I figured that it deserved the time to write about it.
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  12. Jax Blake

    1. The fact that nothing like the 666 exists on TR Connery is a good thing, for further clarification just ask around.

    2. TXR or CIK, the leadership understands how the game needs to be played and coordinates properly with allies in order to accomplish objectives that benefit the TR as a whole. Both outfits use the combined arms approach to the game although I believe CIK makes more use of armor than TXR but I'm not 100% correct.

    3. Lepalose who is the leader of Mercs and the only known person to auraxium the Renegade Flash is also proficient with armor but often defers to his tank commander WarbirdTD when situations require it's usage. From what I have seen the Mercs outfit seems to use it's armor as quick strike vehicles to quickly accomplish whatever the objective is and move on. The outfit also has one of TR Connery's top pilots (snafu) who leads it's air squad and one of the best galaxy commanders (Neeco) which provides the outfit with air to ground cover. The leadership of mercs often goes out of it's way to attempt to work with other outfits but with mixed success. The outfit PR leader is Namlicnuoc and is the primary point of contact for new soldiers looking to join the outfit, he can be contacted in game and on their forums.

    4. As far as other TR outfits I would recommend OP4, their leader is well respected in the TR community and runs a very strong outfit, he'll also help you out with any DPI issues if you have any. The other member outfits of the TTA would also be on my recommendation list so feel free to look into any of them.

    Jax Blake
    BlackStar Division
  13. Cody Sheffield

    @ OdinsPride, The Dread Legion sounds like a pretty solid outfit from what you have told me, and I appreciate your honesty. After this post, I'll send you a friends request and when you have the time, I'd like to talk to you more extensively about the outfit.

    @ Jax Blake, I'm not necessarily disregarding all of what you said, but the only thing I want to comment on is #1. I really don't know if I can believe or respect that comment. I do believe that the opinions of others regarding the 666th can have a lot to do with which faction your asking it in. I'm just assuming that you've never been in the outfit. My experiences with them have been nothing but great. Since I've joined, several members have taken THEIR time to sit down with me in VR training and help me personally develop certain aspects of my skillset, from gunplay to piloting aircraft. You just don't experience that often, and keeping in mind that they do this with the large numbers they have, just blows my freaking mind. There's also the optional and very informative training classes. Independent divisions doing their own thing but responding to calls on a moments notice (this helps break up the monotony a lot). And when your doing ops, they take it seriously, and play to win. Comms aren't flooded with irrelevant chatter, there's chat rooms for that crap. All in all, why wouldn't someone want something like this on the TR side as well? And how exactly is it going to hurt us if an outfit was organized as such? And please, don't base it on just one or two experiences you've had with them.

    Without a doubt, anyone reading that would be wondering why the hell I'm playing TR and not the NC. Well, I wont lie, it's the aesthetic as well as the guns. I've used both side's equipment, and just prefer to stick with the TR. The Vanu... well, I just hate them so bad that I feel "dirty" every time I play one, lol. I know I won't find a perfect outfit, but I hope for something as OdinsPride described as "will find a home that will keep you coming back again and again". Thank you for all your posts, and I'm doing my best to contact respective outfit members, with mixed success.
  14. SNAFUS

    My opinion Cody is try and just run with all of your prospective outfits. The TTA do ops on Wed and Fri and I know most of them would love to have you in squad. That will let you see each of the outfits in action and allow you a chance for a more educated decision before you choose the right home.
  15. Cody Sheffield

    Thank you for your response Snafus. I've decided to join TXR. I've run with them in the past, know them to be capable players, and they answered all my questions spot on. It ain't perfect, but I feel that they are the closest I can get to what I'm looking for. They are also in TTA from what I understand so it'll be nice to play well with others. Thank you all again for taking the time to post, it's been informative and helpful and absolutely worth it. See you all on the battlefield!
  16. OdinsPride

    If you have any questions or want to see what DL3G is like, we will be leading the TTA ops tonight at 6pm pst. So either before that or after 8 would be good since I will be quite busy coordinating all of the respective outfits...
  17. arizonamerica

    Can anyone recommend a TR Connery outfit with good air squads? I like to fly libs and mossys and the one I'm in is almost all ground troops who are afraid to fly.
  18. Blarg20011

    Mercenaries. Look no further.
  19. SNAFUS

    Thank you for the promo Blarg. But yes Arizonamerica Mercs has a active air wing currently and are always looking for new talent to join us. Might also add that EXE has the largest air wing on the server atm and seem to be operational daily.
  20. arizonamerica

    I have been in many an EXE air squadron and platoons. However I've also had more than 1 of them go AFK on my tailgun which makes me want to TK.

    I think I've been in some MERC platoons as well.... I seem to remember some weirdo repeating the phrase "merc zerg" in a kinda robot voice LOL