Looking for active and tactical outfit

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by hihihi8, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. hihihi8

    My main is on NC and I run with B4ND. I made a TR character a few months back and was looking to join a new outfit that revolves around tactical play and skill. An active outfit is also good. If you need one more member for your outfit and if I'm the type of guy you're looking for please let me know. My TR is Red5ider, and if you ever see my wearing blue on the battlefield my NC is Dark5ider. Once finals week is over I may start playing more TR.
  2. hihihi8

    I'm already in an outfit, but I don't really plan in being in it.
  3. Caek

    Feel free to apply to 56RD via the in game browser. We typically run small squad tactics (1.5-2.5 squads) and combined arms. We also run air. We are tactical and hit hard but are also very laid back with a high activity ratio.

  4. Renuse

    Take a look at Sol Ex if your up for it. We run tactically and we have an emphasis on maintaining skilled players. We offer training, scrims, and competitive events as well. We have played quite a few times against B4ND too, so that could be fun. Activity is 24/7 and we can usually field a squad or more depending on the night. (Op nights are full house)


    Renuse, Lead Trainer.

    PS We work closely with DRED and 56 as well. xox Caek
  5. GhostPup

    Renuse is noooobbb ;P
  6. OdinsPride

    Dread Legion Best Legion...

    Our forum post will tell you why! (link is in my signature)

    PS both 56rd and solx are also good options
  7. hihihi8

    Alright cool guys. Once I get back in game I will start looking at these invites and decide which one best suites me. All of these outfits are top tier and I know you guys are pretty well matched in skill and tactics, so its going to be pretty difficult seeing which one I might join.
  8. Renuse

    Your mom is a newb!