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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by richard harding, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. richard harding

    seems i'm the last active player in my current outfit:(
    ive been lone wolfing it for a long while now, but there' only so much you can do on your todd.
    I'm looking for a tactical outfit to join, not a massive zerg fest one, with a million players capping a base,
    Just a group who have got each others backs, if anybodys got anything like that, hit me up
    happy fighting all, except the vanu :p
    suppose i should mention that im TR
  2. Mordus

    You can always check us, Freelancers Union [FU], out. We are a bit larger than the average outfits and usually have 2-4 outfit squads running but we focus a lot on refining teamwork and playing outside of the main zergblob.

    If you want a smaller tactical outfit I can recommend MOX. There are other small tactical outfits around too but MOX has been around for ages and they can provide you with a group that is solid and wont disband anytime soon plus they dont cause drama :)
  3. TobieBrave

    BRTD welcomes you if you wanna try us out! http://brtd.net/join/

    We run regular operations with dedication, and have some silly events like Monday Night Madness and sometimes Drunk Ops on Fridays. We are a friendly bunch with lots of humor!
  4. Sovereign533

    As one of the opposing factions, I can say I can recommend both. Because I both hate them on the battlefield ^_^
    P.S. Hi BRTD o/
  5. richard harding

    cheers dudes, il try and track you down when online next and roll with you for a battle or 2
    thanks again
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  6. kingofzero100