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Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by TheStrikerX11, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. TheStrikerX11

    Hello all, I'm TheStrikerX11 and I'm obviously looking for a outfit to have fun and enjoy the game's most important factor, teamwork. I'm am new at this game but FPS's are not new to me but I understand this is a MMO which is imo, the best game genre. I have the most time on the weekends because I am a high school student (sophomore) but I like to game when I can. I'm still deciding which empire I should join, they are all so unique in their own way of fighting and I don't really know which one would be the most satisfying and fun for me to play as. Thanks for looking at this and I hope to play some PS2 with you guys.
  2. eatcow0

    Check out S3X1 for VS! We will be happy to help ya get acquainted with the game. Either message me or look for us in game. Have a squad/platoon operating everyday. Just tell them pinkfluffychipmunkslayer brought ya here =)
  3. boldeagle3

    Please ignore the Vanu cow and listen to someone who knows what you should decide. This game is about having fun with buddies and kicking ***, the best way to go about this is to join the NC Connery clan called the Bastards. Now what makes us different from that Vanu outfit is that we are a well known outfit that helps set up community events and kick *** in general with a laid back attitude. Not only that we are not wearing pink as standard issue in the NC unlike the Vanu. We have gaming sessions on the Saturdays and Fridays at 6:30 pm. Send a friend request to me boldeagle3 or acerimmer to get an outfit invite or check out our site http://www.thebastards-clan.com/
  4. JTech

    Lol BoldEagle 3..agressive recruiting. Are you still recruiting?. . Newbie here looking for organized play. My handle is "Newbalicious" if interested. I will check out your website.
  5. boldeagle3

    Jtech glad you are interested in joining our humble(read bad ***) outfit. We are always welcoming new members to the Bastards no matter how green you are as long as you are willing to have fun and crush TR and Vanu cows in a semi organised manner then just friend request me or acerimmer and hope to see you with a RNGA tag above your head very soon