Looking for a heavily structured outfit.

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  1. Kadenza

    I'm relatively new to Planetside, but I've been a gamer my whole life and have ample experience in the Battlefield series, as well as copious amounts of MMO experience.

    I'm looking to join an outfit that has a pretty rigid structure. And by that I mean, uses squad/platoon leaders who actually give orders/commands, etc. Utilizes some sort of squad composition, calls for airstrikes, etc. Essentially, I'd like an Outfit that, I suppose, to some extent, "roleplays".

    I dunno if even such an outfit exists, but if it does I'd be highly interested in enlisting.
  2. Ld436

    Hello, you may be interested in D3RP company. We are an 18+ VS outfit. We have a rank structure that is followed in the game (follow squad and platoon orders of course) but we aren't a role play outfit. We don't expect you to call the higher ranks sir. If you're a squad leader you are free to give higher ranking officers in your squad orders. Also as a new member any suggestions you might make are given just as much weight as any other member, officer or otherwise.

    Our ranking system consists of four groups each with their own sub ranks. Privates are new members to the outfit, this is the default rank. After several months, privates can choose the officer, NCO, or specialist path. Officers handle running the outfit outside of the game though they do often squad and platoon lead. NCOs depending on rank either team lead (a team is a subset of a squad made of 4 people), squad lead or platoon lead. Finally, Specialists are regular members who are promoted through the specialist ranks by maxing out classes in the game.

    During in-game leadership, the squad leader may choose to have a more support or assault oriented squad. We at D3RP like to allow the membership to play whatever classes they want, however, the squad leader may ask you to change to balance the squad composition or under certain circumstances.

    In D3RP we have three divisions air, mech, and infantry. Coordination between these is something we have been working very hard on. Using smoke and waypoints on the map infantry leaders can call in air strikes on enemy locations. Mechanized often handles protecting sunderers for infantry, but they are also used to create mobile AA/repair fortresses for air to retreat to. In this way all divisions work together.

    Operation Times
    Infantry 8pm EST Monday
    Air 8pm EST Tuesday
    Mechanized 8pm EST Wednesday
    Infantry Fire teams 8pm EST Friday
    Combined Op 8pm EST Saturday

    For more detailed descriptions of our ranks can be found here http://derpcompany.com/ranks
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  4. Jaeger41

    Thanks for the shoutout Gamespyer! If the OP is NC, then Tactical Gamer would be the right place. Our main ops are Friday nights, but we often have open squads running at other times. Join us for some game time, and then ask one of the officers to join the outfit. Look forward to seeing you online!
  5. Whiteworm

    If the OP is TR, ... DRAUGAR is one of your best bets I wager.

    We're a nuckin' futs bunch who are all for the glory of The Republic. We fight crazy hard, fast redeploys, high expectations, and my Platoon leading'll likely either make or break your experience. We also offer full suites of training that can cover all of your knowledge needs. They are not mandatory if you feel like keeping the status quo, they are if you wish to rank up. For more information, link below:

    You are Draugar ± We are Draugar

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