Looking for a Close Nit Outfit!

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  1. Kroto

    Howdy there!

    As there aren't many "Looking for an Outfit" Posts. I've pretty much given up on people offering me Outfit Requests IG and decided to try my hand on the forums.
    I have created this thread as you may have noticed by the title, just to see what type of Outfits that match some of my standards... If you have any of the following, then post your outfit below. But first I'll give you some little details about my character.

    My Details
    I have been playing PS2 from day one..So I know the lands.. etc. At the moment, I usually play as a Solo Infiltrator as the last 2 Outfits went inactive. :(

    My Character: Kroto
    My Rank: 30+ I think... -.-
    My <Class Spec 1>: Long Distance Shot Infilrator - [My Main Class]
    My <Class Spec 2>: Engineer - [I use whilst in the use for vehicles]
    My <Class Spec 3>: MAX - [Used only for Defensive & Support]

    Searching for an Outfit with any of these Requirements:

    Close Nit:

    As PS2 is a huge evolvement around Outfits, I do more or less enjoy Close nit Outfits. What I mean by this is basically move around in a group or minimum pairs at least..


    Communication is a big requirement for me. I would require an Outfit to have an organised TeamSpeak.

    A Website is a bonus, but not fully needed. :)


    Tactics isn't much different from the Close Nit, yet an Outfit who has great platoon leaders who focuses on the Offensive and Defensive side of the Maps. That means, crawling up the side of the map while bases behind us are being taken is not really acceptable due to it being a waste of time.

    Platoons & Squads:

    Whilst, I've commanded successful Platoons back in the day during the first few weeks of PS2, I like to split Platoons into Squads at certain points whilst on the offensive streak. That would include, sending 1 or 2 squads back to defend a base being taken. Whilst the others go for the offensive. I also Kicked those who did no bother to help out, that's what made us gate lock the maps. Yet things have changed now. But It still works out for the good. :)

    During Platoon & Squad movements, an Outfit commander will need to take command efficiently and directly. Whilst the rest of the Outfit manage to listen. This has been a problem nowadays while everyone goes off and do their own things.

    So if you have a stable Platoon system, then that's a bonus.


    I do enjoy changing maps, yet being on one for too long will not really be worth it.. So If your an Outfit who changes maps maybe once a day or so. That would be great!

    Outfit Members:

    Outfit Members... Well.. This is a difficult one. I would like to join an Organised, yet chillaxed Outfit. :) But any Outfit with more members than they can handle will be ignored. -.-

    Any Outfit which also have more In-Active members than active will also be ignored.. I'd like to actually join a pretty active Outfit for once. :D

    Ranking System:

    Outfits who have a stable ranking / promoting system would be advantageous.

    Outfits that do not, will also be ignored. -.-

    Think I'll be a great addition to your Outit?
    Then Post your Outfit below making sure you have explained as much as you can about your Outfit along with any links.
  2. cassan0va

    Players with standards, great to see and fun to read:)
    Anyhow good luck with your search and looks like you'll be a good addition to the outfit you pick.

    Wrong server for us however.
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  3. Upgraded434

    I have the (almost) best outfit for you but the downside is we are TR we are very close nit, we have been around for 12 years, and we are basically family :) http://www.3rd-infantry-division.org/ you might like us as a good outfit we play on watterson :) wish I was NC you'd love us. And we are most always active (at least 10 people on at all times) at least go to the website and use the TS information to check us out.

    EDIT: we have everything you wanted (except NC). I might be on my TS name is PFC Garner just look for me and I can pull you aside and talk to you if you'd like.

    EDIT EDIT: did this from a mobile couldn't see it was a cobalt server. -_-
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  4. thekiller2002us

    lol wtf is the responses on this thread ?!??

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  5. Kroto

    Many Thanks for telling me about your oufit!

    Looks like it would have been a great Outfit to join, however it is a shame it's not NC and on a different server. :(

    I admit, it's pretty difficult to find an Outfit that matches any of my standards on the Cobalt server. I guess I will just have to keep searching. :D
  6. Terrorbird

    Yeah haha I second that, wtf?

    Anyways Kroto, that is quite a list you got there so I'll keep my answers as short as possible... if you accept I got a nice list of requirements and questions for you! ;)
    Here we go:

    Close Nit:
    KAIN is composed mainly out of experienced members that have been playing the game since launchday. We know each other very well and play the game together a lot.

    We use TS, short while ago we moved to the Jesters Teamspeak: jestersnc.com
    Next to that we have a Steamgroup which has loads of options similar to a normal website. See this link for more info.

    Also we work together with other outfits and KAIN is a prominent member of the NC Alliance.

    I can make a big story about this or you can just look on the steamgroup.

    Platoons & Squads:
    We adapt to the situation, though sometimes people play a certain role and stick with it.
    We run around with 2 squads mostly, 3 at best.

    We go where we are needed or where we like to go. Every continent comes at his place.

    Outfit Members:
    Activity rate of 100%. Nothing more to say, you need to experience it yourself. We are organized and relaxed.

    Ranking System:
    You start as an "intern" literally ;). After a week or 2 when we get to know eachother more and you fit in you'll be promoted to associate, meaning you're a full member including an invitation to our Steamgroup. After that you can be promoted to Manager (squad leaders) or Executive (moderator).

    Anyways most important advice I can give you is to just join the outfit you are interested in and see for yourself, or join our public platoon we have on monday to get a glimpse. All info about applying to KAIN can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/kaincorp
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  7. Upgraded434

    I've never EVER seen any tactical platoons for NC ever it's just zerg zerg zerg etc etc.