Lookfing For A Competitive Infantry Outfit

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by BRU7AL, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Trooper454

    Fair enough. If solo skill and stats is your thing then NOQR probably isnt for you. Were much more teamplay oriented.
  2. Brasidas

    Oh, its on :)

    Also, good luck in the hunt for an outfit mate, I'll catch you on the battlefield (with a bullet). ;)
  3. Jax Blake

    Oh boy there sure are a lot of non MERCS talking in this thread. Colotorl, I can't really hear you over the sounds of Snafu shooting you out of the sky again.

    At this point in time MERCS aren't competitive because there's not much for us to be competitive in. We signed up for community clash but unfortunately we did not get in. We actually didn't even know the PAL tournament existed until it was too late to sign up so with those two competitions out of the way there's not much left until spring or whenever the second seasons for these events begin.

    I'm actually surprised no one mentioned OP4 as a potential destination for someone looking for a solid tight knit group of TR on Connery. Forsosh their leader is a pretty good player and so long as you don't mess with his women or meatloaf you should be ok.

    MERCS run ops twice a week on Wed. and Fri. quite often with Dread Legion and TXR who have both been mentioned here. I'm not sure what has led people to believe that we only use vehicles but I can safely say that while we do have a pretty strong air wing our ground game is doing just fine.

    Anyone interested in our outfit can stop by http://forum.auraxianmercs.net/ and put in an application or talk to Lepalose, WarbirdTD, Snafu, Namlicnuoc when you see them in game.

    The Most Average to Below Average BR100 in the Game.
    BlackStar Squad
  4. BRU7AL

    I got a PM from an OP4 guy, we are going to get together in game and talk. So far the ideal outfits for me seem to be: DL3G, MERC, and OP4.
  5. BRU7AL

    I read that quote and I think all scrims need to be on PTS, for a few reason:

    1) everyone will have the ability to use whatever weapon/equipment they want and BR (certs earned) will not factor in to the fight as much as it would on live.I am a low BR right now and because of that I do not have much stuff unlocked. I really like the default weapons on TR but I only have 1 medkit, level 4 nanoweave, etc. BR 100 player with all attachments/gear maxed out will win 1v1 against me if skill and everything else is equal.

    2) Random pubs can ruin a scrim, it has even happened to some degree on PTS. Think about it, you each grab an AMS sundy, deploy in a safe zone, get your troops ready and mid-fight some pub comes along with tank mines and destroys your spawn point. That would ruin the whole fight IMO (or at least stall it for awhile).

    3) I am not sure of this one, but I have heard in the past that organized fighting on live is considered stat padding in some ways. For example, if me and some guy that is below average skill in FPS get together to 1v1, and I kill him 20 times, that is kinda the same as stat padding. Like I said though, I am not sure of this, just what I have heard.

    Anyways, I hope you guys can work a scrim out on PTS. I would be happy to watch (even join if either side needed an extra guy).
  6. Coltorl

    Hey Jax, you seem to be mistaken I never said your pilots are bad, SNAFU is one of the best, I personally haven't flown in almost 2 months, I've moved on and accepted that infantry play is the way to go.

    OP wanted an infantry orientated outfit and MERC doesn't fall under that category (which isn't a bad thing)
  7. Forsosh

    Thanks for the shoutout Jax. Brutal i've seen you in game and you're a very skilled player. I am actually the leader of OP4 and I can show proof that we are a very competent infantry outfit.

    I don't use the forums at all but it was really disappointing to see that Jax had to be the only one to shout us out. Some people are just vultures for recruits :). When it comes to tight knit squad play and infantry, even though we've also beaten them in a scrim, your best bet is TXR. They are amazing infantry and proficient at combined arms on the live server and unlike me their leader Talron is not a ******

    We've beaten in a scrim or helped grow many of the previously mentioned outfits on this thread. We have no problem with you playing with us. If you're looking for a loyal to TR and loyal to each other brotherhood than no one will be able to give it to you better than OP4.

    <3s to the rest of the outfits on here :)
  8. Brasidas

    Some closing thoughts from Dear Leader:

  9. BRU7AL

    Nice to see you on this thread, I am have been talking with TheLostLenore and I would like to squad up with you soon.
  10. BRU7AL

    Well me and your leader have different views on what a scrim is.
  11. trued2

    Bru7al if you want to give us a chance fill an application at http://the-op4.enjin.com/recruitment , and wait for a reply, if you need to make an account on enjin i suggest you use Bru7al as you username, so we dont miss the application, or if you see any of us in game send us a tell or something and we can probably get you in teamspeak and the squad if there is a squad running.
  12. HawtSauss

    wut? ZFZ is on PS2? Under what name?
  13. Flickory

    We're amassing a more elite pack within our ranks. The same squad team that build up a synergy to get the unimagineable done, that are on almost every single day playing together and have the years of experience and the right attitude to bring up the amateurs that are dedicated and hungry enough for it.

    If you are interested in rolling with us when it's convenient, or if you find the outfit you are with wasn't up to your expectations, check out neongrind.com, ts3.neongrind.com or any of our officers in our ranks.

    Otherwise GLHF :)
  14. Coltorl

    050 atm, on NC contact Kud0Ch0pz if you want to squad up, if you want to play with a bigger competitive outfit though Recursion is what the NC offers.
  15. BRU7AL

    I joined OP4. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and information.