Lookfing For A Competitive Infantry Outfit

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by BRU7AL, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. BRU7AL

    I jump from defense to defense a lot using redeploy and sometimes I attack bases. I use HA primarily but am capable with the Medic class as well. I don't really use vehicles but I do enjoy the mosquito once in awhile. An ideal outfit for me would consist of good infantry players who like competing in scrimishes on test server and have similar play style to me on live server. Also, I am not interested in a huge outfit, I would like to get to know all of my outfit mates and possibly go on to play other games with them in the future. Thank you.
  2. Gables

    MERC, Dread legion, CIK, or Liege would probably match what you are looking for.
  3. BRU7AL

    MERC looks good to me. Someone in game referred me to them for infantry play.
  4. OdinsPride

    Thanks for the shout out gables....

    some of the outfits mentioned may have age or BR restrictions so be aware of that as well.
  5. BRU7AL

    I am 21 and I will rank up quickly, so I am not worried about either of those restrictions.
  6. OdinsPride

    Good to hear my friend. I'll be looking for you in game and we'll give you a tryout if you are interested.
  7. Coltorl

    MERC has a lot of great vehicle players, I cannot recommend them for infantry though.

    For infantry play I would definitely recommend TxR, TRG, or CIK.
  8. BRU7AL

    Thank you for the suggestions but those outfits have too many members for my liking. I am looking for an outfit made up of excellent infantry players who I can play with and build friendships.
  9. Coltorl

    Ahh can't think of a TR outfit that does that, although a good multifactional group has to be ZFZ (050) top tier infantry players that play with anyone who ask for an invite provided you aren't a menace and are contributing. They are playing NC right now though...
  10. Gables

    CIK does have a little over 200 members, but we run a tight recon squad within the outfit that would be a good fit for what you're looking for. Typically run 1 or 2 tight drop squads a night in conjunction with the public platoon.
  11. BRU7AL

    I cant say I have seen that tag before. Thanks for the heads up, however I am interested in only TR at this time. I have noticed VS has Future Crew and NC has Recursion, TR on the other hand doesnt seem to have an elite group that stands out. I am not trying to come off like I know what I am talking about, I am just posting my observation. Anyways, for the time being, I am going to play with DL3G and we will see how that works. If I were VS I would apply for FCRW, they seem like the competitive infantry outfit of the Conerry server, but they are VS. Thank you guys for all the correspondence!
  12. BRU7AL

    I would just feel wierd being in a group where I didnt know everyone. Thank you for the information though.
  13. CycloneRaider

    You're looking for Dread Legion all the way, MERC is good with machines, CIK is good with pretty much everything but as you said they have a lot of guys, however if you're looking for a extremely good infantry outfit you're going to want to join Dread Legion, there's usually a squad up at all times and everyone there is experienced and mature for the most part.
  14. BRU7AL

    Thank you for the feedback. I have looked at most of the top rated TR outfits on Connery and I think DL3G looks best for me. I look forward to playing with them next time me and OdinsPride are online at the same time.
  15. Brasidas

    A message from our Dear Leader:

    "Only TR crew us and our allied clans ever had any trouble pushing out of a base was TRG, and that was only until we knocked their air power outta the equation, no other TR crew I've run across I've considered particularly notable, but then again MERC for example I only ever seem to run into 2 of at a time, most of the other mentioned ones are the same, would be good to see what they are capable of at full force."

    This has been a BASTARDS public service announcement.
  16. Trooper454

    If your still looking for an outfit that has top-notch infantry play, you should come check out No Quarter Gaming. We love running highly-coordinated squads that specialize in rapid redeployment, breaching, and point defense...all while maintaining a high ops tempo.

    If you want to rest on your heels at a biolab grind, we may not be for you. If you want to be constantly on the move, knowing your squadmates have your back and your taking the fight to the enemy...then its time to show the enemy No Quarter!

    Check us out at nqgaming.org!
  17. OdinsPride

    You wanna scrim? You might change your mind after that... :)
  18. BRU7AL

    Oh I hope so!!! I love organized scims or PTS. I go there to 1v1 (sometimes 2v2) a lot.

    @ Brasidas: Sorry Bastards, I fight for TR. I have had a character on all three factions but now I am fighting for my original faction and I deleted my alts on VS and NC. Thank you anyways.

    @Trooper: It doesn't look like you are the outfit for me. Thank you for the offer though!
  19. Trooper454

    Fair enough, but bear in mind that were starting up with new alts rolled on TR in the last month or two and are just starting to recruit. The majority of our membership and leadership came from a huge NC outfit .

    Also, per your OP, No Quarter is a multi-gaming outfit. We already have active BF4 and WoW Chapters (the PS2 one is the new one, actually), with strong interest in doing Star Citizen and EQN when they launch.

    I cant promise that many will come and scrim on PTS with you, but we will be around after PS2 shuts down.
  20. BRU7AL

    I am looking for players that will teach me a thing or two, players that will push me to become better at FPS and Planetside in general. I am looking for players that will be involved in scrimishes both casual and competitive. Like I said earlier, thank you for the offer, but I don't think No Quarter is for me.