[Suggestion] Look into what didn't come over in Planetside 1 to Planetside 2?

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  1. AntDX316

    Look into what didn't come over in Planetside 1 to Planetside 2?

    There were physical animations and a lot more voice macros to use.
    There were BFRs.
    There were NTU bases.
    There were awesome huge cave maps where you could fly aircraft inside.
  2. OSruinedPS1

    If you think gunning for a janking upsidedown flying liberator gave you a headache, gun for a BFR.
    Everyone hated caves.

    Good things Planetside 1 had:

    -open class/inventory system you could be creative with
    -non-obnoxious flight controls (seriously, even after 10 years flying still feels like trying to write cursive with my left hand)
    -bombers that actually bombed, not flying upside down one shotting everything in the air
    -gunning that was smooth that didn't give you a headache (other than BFR's)
    -more effective defensive tools: mines, spitfires, motion detectors
    -actual artillery, the flail
    -modules, map strategy
    -a thumper that actually worked
    -high explosives with a damaging radius larger than the length of a person. Seriously HE in PS2 is pathetic, really really pathetic.
    -Rooms to defend that didn't have 5 windows and 10 ingress points (swiss cheese).
    -factional differences that made a difference
    -capture timers slower than the time it takes to spawn and run to "A"
    -max suits that were more effective than infantry (see C4 fairies)
    -no C4 fairies
  3. Shadowpikachu

    The class system ended up more restrictive as there were a few meta loadouts, would be only better if we had crazy niche options but lmao its this game.

    Also BFR's killed PS1 as far as i heard.

    Everything else, sure.
  4. BengalTiger

    Doesn't that lead to everyone having the same setup, the best setup?
    I personally like the class system.

    *puts on asbestos flameproof suit*

    I totally agree flying is cranky at least, I mean look at what could be done with mouse/keyboard control in War Thunder...
    Liberator is a gunship, would be nice to have an actual bomber as an extra, and not instead of it.

    ESB's - Empire Specific Bombers?

    JGX 12, also known as Big Chungus, says hi!

    There is some strategy, but it would be better if all main bases could be surrounded like Eisa can, by grabbing satellites without capping the main facility itself.

    Well, an injury splash radius would help sooooo much. Even if it takes 4-5 hits to get a kill when landing shells 6 meters away, it would still add to the feel of large caliber rounds hitting, while not ruining it for anyone.
    A slight concussion effect would be even better.

    These do exist, but not often enough.
    The recent Containment Sites actually do a good job of not being swiss cheese.

    In the early days of PS 2 the differences were much more pronounced than now.

    Only the smallest outpost with no spawn has a really quick timer. And Biolabs if all points are taken, but those a tricky.
    MAXes are of too limited range and too expensive to be cool.
    C4 fairies are cool.
    I say that as a tanker mind you.

    Regarding BFR's, there was a pretty big discussion a couple months ago, I might find it, it was fun to work out some concepts with a few other forumites.
  5. Demigan

    Its like saying “we had C&C in 1995, why cant we build and command a group of AI units in PS2?”

    Because they have different designs. Sure the above example is an extreme, but PS1 and PS2 have different design ideologies. As much as I’ll disagree with many of them there are some good things, like the class system being a step up from the loadout system where one-size-fits all is more likely. The best would have been to have both class and an inventory system.

    BFR’s as they were in PS1 have no place in PS2. They would have no function to fulfill that isnt already taken and especially in low pop fights it would just be a farm vehicle rather than something that contributes to the game. Anything in a game needs a purpose, a chosen design to make it add something to the game. If you just add something to add something then you get crap. Look at the a nal fissure that construction has become. Sure it adds something, but a fissure isnt a positive thing that adds to the whole.
  6. BengalTiger

    Well we kind of have it both ways, there's common items such as weapons or equipment that multiple different classes can use (which occupies an inventory slot).
    Battle rifles for instance.

    Then there are things unique to each class such as a jetpack...

    They'd be significantly different than what PS 1 had. Honestly the Colossus occupies the slot of the really heavy ground vehicle, so we came up with other ideas. These would be a bit smaller than the PS 1 edition, and not nearly as ridiculous. The debate also split into 2 mechs, a smaller and larger one.

    Here's what I recall from the last big BFR debate (or at least the last one I took part in).

    The new and unique thing they'd bring to PS 2:
    Two different weapons for the operator on a ground vehicle.
    They'd be sort of walking ESF's in that regard.
    Just simply being walking vehicles would be new.

    Unique advantages:
    -Nimble in tight corners (maneuvering between buildings or in Hossin's jungle).
    -Able to climb any slope someone on foot could (up Amerish mountains)
    -They could duck behind cover (in their case, due to their size, "cover" would be like an MBT sized object).
    -This means they'd bring the vehicle game to some new areas, and increase capabilities in close and tight terrain.
    -Two weapons would mean they'd be much more flexible than existing tanks.

    The downsides:
    -They'd be only armored as anything from a Harasser (light version) to a Lightning or MBT (heavy version), due to using hypothetical ground pressure issues as a balancing mechanic. Compared to PS 1 versions, this would be really, really underwhelming.
    -Slow in their top speed. They'd be among the slowest of all vehicles.
    -The above would make them have issues crossing open fields without getting spanked by tanks, airplanes or even bazookas.
    -The above would mean they would not be able to speed up and get to safety quick if they overextend and get flanked by infantry.

    And finally, the roles they'd play...

    The lighter one would be armed with some sort of a chaingun (based off a fighter nose gun) and grenade launcher or something as secondary (think Bulldog or Fury).
    It would be useful for close range, low altitude AA duties, as well as being light fire support in urban combat. A larger MAX that cannot fit into buildings, but brings proper firepower.

    The heavier one would come with some sort of autocannon on one side, like a Liberator's 30 mm Vektor, or maybe something between that and the 75 mm Viper off the Lightning.
    Its other side would bring some sort of secondary, modeled after the secondary of an ESF (rocket pods, laser guided anti-tank missiles, the like).
    This one would be the literal walking tank. Much smaller footprint than an MBT, more flexible due to 2 weapons for the user, but also much slower.
  7. Demigan

    This is the BFR version(s) we discussed, but not the one most people think off. Most people would assume the version from PS1 (especially since this is a “what we had in PS1” thread). That version has no place in the game.
  8. BengalTiger

    It is however the versions that have a chance of showing up in the PS 2 and fitting in well.

    The ANT did not do base building in PS 1 and the Reaver was common to all factions, so it's not like everything is a direct carryover anyways.
  9. OSruinedPS1

    Fug no man, when I was looting backpacks I saw more variety than you get here with these classes in PS2. It was great.

    Oh yeah, you could LOOT enemy dead bodies (backpacks), and then stored their gear in a locker. Back then there were factional differences that was so cool you would go out of your way to loot their rotting corpses for their gear.

    There aren't enough players in an entire platoon to defend one swiss cheese buildings.

    Dood, 5 minutes is too short. It takes longer to look at the map, spawn a vehicle from an adjacent base, and arrive at the battle before the timer is done. That is not acceptable.

    C4 fairies should be removed from the game, they are not cool. There is way too much vertical envelopment just like there is way too much cloaker envelopment. There is no "front line" because of this gamey crap.

    Big mechs are cool, I have nothing against big mechs, but how they were implemented in PS1 from the cave grinding to get one to the janky gunning to the jumping 1000 meters away to heal, was freaking lame.
  10. OSruinedPS1

    PS2 "different" loadout: An LMG gun that has a 5% faster fire rate and 5% less ammo clip. Ooooh.

    PS1 different loadout: Fill up heavy inventory with 15 mines, and LMG with only 1 clip of ammo.
  11. TR5L4Y3R

    still don´t see what roles they would take the lightning, Harrasser and maybe MAX (heck even the ANT by itself) don´t already cover

    the idea of heavy MAXXs has been thrown around which personally i also object to ... instead of adding just another platform rather outfit/adjust the existing platforms ... Maxx for the longest time need more survveability outside anyway to be a propper supportplatform ..
  12. LtTalon

  13. AntDX316

    They should make the MechWarrior BFRs on the PTS so it be at least be exclusively enjoyable to be there while testing other things.

  14. SupaFlea

    I liked BFR's despite being an Agile Assault and Knife Cloaker and Sniper, they were things that could change the course of a battle.
    I also miss the Infils(Cloakers) having a purpose that their names suggests, 1 Cloaker could cap a base because the only way to spot 1 was with the implant and with hacking and doors, they had a purpose and were very deadly without having a primary weapon slot. a pistol with 50 bullets, 4 grenades or medkit and hacking tool....they were actually skilled players rather than just soldiers using the cloak to get the drop on anyone they face 1vs1 with primary weapon.

    I prefer the dedicated play style PS1 had as it limited you but allowed you to be advanced in one area but its a system for dedicated players and not a very good mechanic to try and appeal to a wider audience which was the goal of the new class system I'm guessing.

    Also Bases that required the Ants to resupply the bases with power to keep spawn tubes running and wall turrets active etc. It encouraged empire cooperation and made a base actually matter more to you during a fight rather than it just feel like scenery or a battle location. If a base wasn't topped up, it would go neutral and allow any empire to back cap you and cut you off.