Longshot and their Sights

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by IshanDeston, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. IshanDeston

    So, i bought myself a Longshot for christmas. I got the x12 sight, because... i wanted to see if it was still looking as shabby as in the beta, but found out its actually quite nice now.

    So i went ahead and tried the Longshot, but even at below 50m the gun seems to be way off. I then bought the x10 as well, and it still seems to be off.

    Is that just my imagination?
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  2. boom boom

    I use the x12 sight and have no problems, it's spot on accurate even at those ranges and I'm still trying to get use to adjusting after using the default gun by having to aim higher to account for bullet drop but I don't have to now :)
  3. icesail

    No, it is not your imagination. The Longshot is a tad less accurate them the L80. (one bar on the graph in-game), therefore, it takes longer for the sway to stop once you hold your breath, so you have to be more patient.

    Don't rush your shots, make sure your scope is completely steady before you take the shot (and that is a few tenths of a second longer them the L80).
  4. IshanDeston

    Its annoying me. At 50m distance i should be hitting the reticule of the Scope and not a "dot" below it. It's not like i can't compensate for it, but its annoying as hell.
  5. Metran

    I keep expecting it to have more bullet drop, so I end up shooting over peoples heads a lot still...
  6. Soylent

    You're right, you should be. I'm clueless as to why you're not. Have you installed a suppressor on it by chance?
  7. Pattern

    Ive been using the 10x and 8x on the Longshot. Seems to hit very close to the spot so yeah maybe you have something that reduces bullet speed attached to it?
  8. Spartan 117

    As someone who has the Auraxium medal for both the LA80 & Longshot, I can say with 100% certainty that the sights on the Longshot are off by a fair margin. Switching to Longshot from the LA80 was extremely painful & the moment I completed the Auraxium medal I switched back. So many times I would have a headshot lined up with Longshot & miss the target entirely at varying distances. If your considering purchasing yourself this rifle, pass on it.
  9. GamerOS

    I had that with the LA-80 before they nerfed it, takes ages to unlearn the compensation you default to on every sniper rifle in most games.
  10. Blitzer

    Man, why waste certs/SC on additional bolt action sticks (instead of getting something like shadow to diversify your infiltrator options) when bolt driver is mighty fine for sniping job for all sensible ranges.
  11. IshanDeston

    Problem exists for me with suppressor and without. But i didn't noticed that problem when i had trailed it. So maybe the use of the suppressor has change the allignment of the Sights?

    Having the Longshot doesn't preclude having the Shadow, non?