Longer TTK: lag/latency or hacking or bug?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DarkStarAnubis, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. DarkStarAnubis

    Note: I have no numbers to prove what I am describing, only impressions.

    I see more and more players "harder to kill". They seem to absorb more bullets than others, like a sponge and usually die only after a final HS.

    It is almost like they have some regen mechanism working in the background: in the last days I have been playing NC using the Razor GD-23 and sometimes I have enemies taking a first burst, moving away, taking a second burst, moving away, taking a third burst and finally die. WTF? Almost an entire magazine gone for a -single- enemy.

    I know one could say "m8, maybe you are a poor shot?" but then I would always be a poor shot. Other times I drop enemies like flies with the same weapon.I was in a Biolab yesterday and I got over 75 kills for 3 deaths.

    When it happens, I check the connection suspecting lag/latency but it is always around 60/70ms so it is a good one.It is not that, unless it fluctuates wildly from time to time-

    Now, the weird thing is that I have the impression sometimes I can survive more as well. There are times (during a 1vs1 for example) in which I think "Ok I am dead" but this does not happen and I can get away with a sliver of health.

    To me it looks like some kind of bug. Am I imagining things? Did you see something similar?
  2. JibbaJabba

    Last couple weeks, particularly during prime the servers have be almost buckling.

    In super heavy fights I'll get a lot of "pop in" enemies.

    And hit registration.... ouch. I'll put like 15 bullets into someone. They died at like #8 but didn't actually fall until #15. With some not-commital engagement I'll sometimes break off after like #10 and a moment later they'll die with no bullets going in them.

    My latency is on the 30ms side w/ server latency usually another 40ms or so. I think it's just the servers getting crushed. Emerald is due for a hardware update on I think the 15th? Maybe that will help.

    As for being more survivable I can't tell. The servers are so flooded with new and returning players that I feel like the grim reaper just swinging a sickle through all of them right now. Why don't they move when they fire?