long rangedsniper rifles with weak Scopes?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Brickwalker, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Brickwalker

    I don't quite understand this..

    I bought a Long ranged sniper rifle, but it can only use a 4x power scope?

    What's the point?
  2. Phaser Rave

    You can unlock better scopes with your certs.
  3. Ghostfox

    If it is the TSAR, i think its role is supposed to be midrange fire support. It is 'long range' because it is effective at long range, damage wise.. Not so much that it was designed for that range.
  4. Brickwalker

    Yeah, when i bought it, it had only iron sights.So i had to buy a scope for it with my certs.the strongest scope on the list was 4x.If i knew that before hand i wouldn't have bought it.
  5. Soylent

    Well you could have checked what upgrades you can unlock for it. All the scopeless sniper rifles only go up to 4x scopes. Imo they're a total waste of certs/sc.
  6. Brickwalker

    I agree, oh well,I guess I'll experiment with it
  7. KorJax

    Scopeless snipers (aka Scout Rifles or similar) are all designed to be used in short/medium range, like a carbine

    They are extremely, extremely good, but obviously if all you want to do is snipe at long range then they are awful for that.
  8. deusex2

    Don't bother experimenting with it, both semi and bolt-action have scope sway and you can't see scope while cloaked.

    He's not talking about scout rifles, but about two sniper rifles with iron sights, sniper rifle sway and max available scope of up to x4, where as actual scout rifles have scopes available up to x6.
  9. Brickwalker

    Yeah,i made sure it was a sniper rifle and it is (Ghost i think its called).I just don't get these rifles at all..ive never heard of a sniper rifle with iron sights or only compatible with a scope with a max power of 4x's...ughhh now i gotta make up those certs.
  10. deusex2

    Hehe I feel your pain, although I've bought infiltrator starter pack because I thought Ghost was good, learned my lesson well after that.

    Now, I'm ALWAYS hitting trial button before buying stuff.
  11. Mindfire

    I think the ghost is crying out for a silencer ;-)
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  12. Kich

    I haven't tried the scout rifles yet, but I have both the la80 and the srs-7 (nc version of the ghost) which I got in the infantry bundle. While the la80 is great for long range sniping, the srs-7 is much more versatile. I have a silencer and 4x scope with the three chevrons on it. Bullet drop is huge at long range and bullet travel time is longer but the chevrons let you adjust quite well. If your target is sitting still it's still a one hit kill in the head. It excels at medium range with the silencer. Still accurate and you don't appear on the mini map. Once I get the scout rifles I'll probably stop switching to HA in close range fights as I'll be able to hold my own.

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